Why France Dislikes Libraries

The first step of the French campaign against Algeria was to burn the library of Algeria, which contains hundreds of thousands of books. During the confrontations with Prince Abdelkader, they burned his library twice, in which hundreds of precious manuscripts went. In an attempt to understand this colonial determination, the issue of the Algerian archives in France immediately comes to mind. And many elements combine to form the intellectual psychological background that controls the French colonial mind.

In an urgent reading of a book of facts and documents about PrinceAbdul Qadir al-Jazairi, which was compiled and discussed by the granddaughter of Prince Badia al-Hassani, a resident of Damascus, she discovered the size of the forgery, which was overseen by the French establishment and its agents to distort the prince's image with many fabricated accounts of the Prince's reputation. To drop its icon. In the same misleading context, dozens of false accounts of the Algerian rev…

The standard model “BIBFRAME” for resources description and access in web environment: applications and challenges

BIBFRAME Conference organized by Cybrarians (the Arabic Portal for Librarianship and Information)

Cairo, Egypt

9-10 September 2015

Introduction :

Starting from the second decade of the 21st century a great revolution happening in cataloging. In April 2013, the implementation of the new cataloging rules RDA started officially, and nowadays BIBFRAME considered the potential substitute of MARC 21. The Bibliographic Framework Initiative issued in 2011 by Library of Congress in order to make a huge change in the structure of bibliographic records.

Cybrarians organization is pleased to organize this event in order to reduce the time gap between Arabic and global library community. The conference aiming at presenting the Bibliographic Framework “Bibframe” to get Arabic community up to date, and to discuss the expected effects of new changes in cataloging, and how Arab library community will be ready to such new challenges.

For Sufficient information About the Conference Topics , Activities and Reg…

Open Access Websites in Arab Countries

In the modern era whitch full of digital information , it's Become urgent presence to open sources web sites.

when we are talk about "Open Access Websites" Specifically in the Arab world .. We can say that there is unlimited number of sites that are interested in different fields.

It's also With the accelerated pace of construction of these sites , It has become easy to access.

Today "Maktabios" takes a note of the most important Free Access web sites on the internet (Specifically in the Arab world) :

Notes : The sites will appear as follows

The URL : Site address.

About Site : A Brief summary.

ISSN : An International Standard Serial Number.


International Arab Journal of e-Technology (IAJeT)

The International Arab Journal of e-Technology (IAJeT) is a specialized, refereed, and indexed journal that is published biannually in English. IAJeT is the official journal in e-technology of the Colleges of Computing and Inf…

The world's most famous libraries

In this digital era, most people resort to reading books on Internet networks, single click on the reader gets the information it needs without incurring any effort. However, some libraries around the world with the unique designs and warm ambience makes the reader craves contact with books and spend long hours of reading and research. In other words, engineering libraries play an essential role in attracting enthusiasts reading and encourage them to maintain the special relationship that binds the reader to his book.

Central Library in Seattle - Washington at the United Nations

Modern and sophisticated Library, pulls tourists from all over the world, in its first year has had more than two million tourists. It is designed by Dutch architect "Rem Koolhaas" and The American designer "Joshua Ramos." The tour which began in 2006, two years after it opened. This library pursuant a brilliant engineered and a milestone in the design of libraries around the world.

Library at…

"El Sawaf" calls the Arab Publishers Association for Relief Gaza libraries

"Mustafa El Sawaf" Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture ؛ called on the Arab Publishers Association of the need to move and contribute to support the libraries in Gaza Strip by participating in the campaign "Relief Gaza libraries" launched by the ministry, which aims to rebuild the libraries that were destroyed during the Israel aggression on the Gaza Strip and to provide them with books that enable them to return to fulfill its mandate which was established for.

This came through a letter sent Mr. Sawaf to sir. "Asem Shalaby" head of the Arab Publishers Association , where among the damage caused by the aggression and the sector, which affected on the libraries of all kinds.

Sawaf said: "Gaza subjected to barbaric aggression systematically lasted for 51 long days all walks of life and did not leave anything but influenced from stone .. trees and human beings , even the libraries had not been delivered from it".

Sawaf confirmed tha…

Re-banned children's books to libraries in Department of adults in Singapore

According to news reports It will be allowed to trade two books of children's books, it has been passed around in the prevention of libraries in Singapore because addressed to gay couples, following the intervention of the government.

It was scheduled to be destroyed after the books banned by the board of directors of the National Library in Singapore.

the Singapore Minister of Communications and Information "Jacob Abraham" instructed of the National Library to allow the circulation of books again, but in the adult section.

He wrote on his page on the social networking site "Facebook" : the decision is still on what can or can not be read to children In the hands of guardians.

He added that "parents who want to borrow these books to read with their children will have the option to do so".

"Apple" pay 450 million dollars in the case of manipulation priced books

"Apple" Company Approved to pay about 450 million dollars to settle the case, which accuses them of conspiring with five of the top publishing houses to prove prices e-books .. according to court records released on Wednesday.

The settlement is based on the appeal which the company lost last year, which ruled that "Apple" violated antitrust laws own prices, after conspiring with publishers to raise the prices of e-books.

For its part, "Apple" is still denies involvement in this shameful act, where "kristin huguet" a spokeswoman for the company said : "We have not sinned, and we believe that a fair assessment of the facts will show that".

In case of approval of the settlement by the judiciary, goes the amount of $400 million to consumers, while the company will pay an additional $20 million to legal wages.

The lawyers who raised the issue on behalf of the consumer group and 33 U.S. states, intend to seek compensation worth 840 million doll…