The launch of the digital library at the American University to preserve the cultural treasures of Egypt

American University in Cairo opened recently Section Digital Library Rare Books and Special Collections in order to preserve centuries of Egyptian history and even the Middle East after the last fire of the long Egyptian Academy, which served as a warning as a reminder of the importance of preserving rare books and manuscripts.

The digital department in library of rare books and special collections has to help protect the property of the American University in Cairo, from rare books, historical photographs, manuscripts, architecture, maps, oral history through the creation of digital copies backup of these holdings unique and this section is digital open and available globally.

And will include the old and the middle of the cultural heritage in addition to the contributions of the contemporary university project in the field: Documenting Egypt's Revolution in the twenty-first century.

Caroline Runyon Secretary archive digital collections in a statement Tuesday that Said "before the creation of digital libraries, researchers have had to visit libraries, special collections for limited hours, was not able to verify the material more deeply in their homes, digitization projects such as those supported by Section Digital Library of Rare Books and private groups, allow researchers all over the world to gain access to the materials we have at any time. "

The collaboration of Trustees of the archives and libraries, working in the field of information technology to create this section digital for many reasons, groups were digital would not only enable people from outside the country from reaching the materials are rare, but in many cases be the raw materials of books and monographs and manuscripts are very sensitive does not assume the use of researchers. But maintains the electronic archive of sensitive materials, and provides a digital alternatives in the event of a disaster.

The university project in the field a Special Collections Digital Library, where the AUC students and alumni, faculty and staff to enrich the life of Egyptian political and social development through a range of art works, photos, videos, and oral stories about the revolution of 25Jan.

Runyon said : "until this date, the collection of university project in the field more than 4,000 photo and 300 video, as well as, the historians, interpreters at the Center for Research economic history and trade conducted over 50 interviews with political activists, students and academics to capture a complete picture of the revolution . "

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