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Twenty-Fourth Congress of (AFLI)

"Profession Library and Information Studies: reality and future directions"

In collaboration with : Taibah University - Medina

Twenty-Fourth Congress of the Arab Federation for Libraries and Information (AFLI)

Held in Medina (Saudi Arabia) 25-28 November 2013

Conference Topics :

The reality and the future of the library profession at the time of Arab ICT.The role of associations and educational institutions in the development of the profession Arab.Industry Information Studies: Identity and future directions.Change the names of studies departments and subordination in academic institutions and its impacts on the development of the speciality.Career opportunities and appropriate output to the needs of the labor market.Libraries in Medina (particularly this axis that Medina is the capital of Islamic culture in 2013).
Post inquiry :

All correspondence should be sent to participate in the conference to both:
D. Mohammad Jafar Arif ( Chairman of the Scientific Committ…

An apology duty

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I promise to exercise again non-stop .

Waited for news libraries in the whole Arab nation .

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