Increasing turnout at the international book fair in Riyadh

Riyadh International Book fair Witness appetite significantly 

The third day of Riyadh International Book fair influx of large numbers of visitors ability of the organizers of the exhibition including more than 30 thousand visitors, which coincided with the third day of the exhibition on the weekend in Saudi Arabia.

Dr.Ahmed Khadr head of the media committee of the exhibition explained that the large numbers of visitors exceeded the expectations of the organizers, explaining that he had been by the organizing committees and working exhibition to facilitate the flow of those numbers by organizing them entry and exit through the gates of the exhibition.

In a related context pointed Khadr to be the headquarters of the agency Ministry of Culture and Information in Riyadh International Book saw a large turnout of visitors, where they attended a large number of them to get copies of free books distributed by the ministry to visitors, pointing out that it exceeded 6 thousand book varied between specialized books novels and story, poetry and art.

To recent statistics revealed the number of those who follow the official book fair ID on Twitter to the 22 thousand follower after less than two days to the opening of an exhibition Riyadh International Book Fair.

Explained statistical that 90% of the followers of the account from Saudi Arabia, followed by the United States to 5.30%, and despite the fact that the special account exhibition has been allocated for transport news about the exhibition and its officials, however, enjoyed the interaction level responses to replies followers 40 response per 100 note, from account.

The Ministry of Culture and Information formed its own team of new media to monitor and disseminate news, exhibition in social networking sites and via new communication technologies, which is one of the new media services launched by the ministry Book Fair this year.

On the other hand opened Dr. Ziad Aldrees Vice President of the Executive Council of the Organization UNESCO and the Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, yesterday evening gallery rotate the book «put your book and take the last one» which involved reading club at King Saud University in Riyadh International Book Fair.

The Reading Club is a voluntary initiatives offered by the students of the University of King Saud to develop communication with the book and promote awareness of its significance, underscoring based on the club that it's idea beyond the familiar to communication between ground enthusiasts and reading locally.

Noteworthy that this review is the second Reading Club at the Riyadh International Exhibition of the book, where increased rotated books among the visitors to the exhibition in the past year about 3,000 books.

In a related matter received book «You ugly this morning» Saudi writer Dr. Fahad Al-Orabi Al-Harthy remarkable turnout of women in the Book Fair 2013.The supervisor of the wing Asbar Foundation for Studies and Research and the media, that the forty first edition of the book was the share of women in terms of attracting headline attention and asking about its content.

The book includes a series of short stories for more than 19 story of variety led by «You ugly this morning » which storyteller talked about war time in Paris, and how to lose this city beauty amid the smoke and flames.

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