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The world's most famous libraries

In this digital era, most people resort to reading books on Internet networks, single click on the reader gets the information it needs without incurring any effort. However, some libraries around the world with the unique designs and warm ambience makes the reader craves contact with books and spend long hours of reading and research. In other words, engineering libraries play an essential role in attracting enthusiasts reading and encourage them to maintain the special relationship that binds the reader to his book.

Central Library in Seattle - Washington at the United Nations

Modern and sophisticated Library, pulls tourists from all over the world, in its first year has had more than two million tourists. It is designed by Dutch architect "Rem Koolhaas" and The American designer "Joshua Ramos." The tour which began in 2006, two years after it opened. This library pursuant a brilliant engineered and a milestone in the design of libraries around the world.

Library at…

"El Sawaf" calls the Arab Publishers Association for Relief Gaza libraries

"Mustafa El Sawaf" Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture ؛ called on the Arab Publishers Association of the need to move and contribute to support the libraries in Gaza Strip by participating in the campaign "Relief Gaza libraries" launched by the ministry, which aims to rebuild the libraries that were destroyed during the Israel aggression on the Gaza Strip and to provide them with books that enable them to return to fulfill its mandate which was established for.

This came through a letter sent Mr. Sawaf to sir. "Asem Shalaby" head of the Arab Publishers Association , where among the damage caused by the aggression and the sector, which affected on the libraries of all kinds.

Sawaf said: "Gaza subjected to barbaric aggression systematically lasted for 51 long days all walks of life and did not leave anything but influenced from stone .. trees and human beings , even the libraries had not been delivered from it".

Sawaf confirmed tha…

Re-banned children's books to libraries in Department of adults in Singapore

According to news reports It will be allowed to trade two books of children's books, it has been passed around in the prevention of libraries in Singapore because addressed to gay couples, following the intervention of the government.

It was scheduled to be destroyed after the books banned by the board of directors of the National Library in Singapore.

the Singapore Minister of Communications and Information "Jacob Abraham" instructed of the National Library to allow the circulation of books again, but in the adult section.

He wrote on his page on the social networking site "Facebook" : the decision is still on what can or can not be read to children In the hands of guardians.

He added that "parents who want to borrow these books to read with their children will have the option to do so".

"Apple" pay 450 million dollars in the case of manipulation priced books

"Apple" Company Approved to pay about 450 million dollars to settle the case, which accuses them of conspiring with five of the top publishing houses to prove prices e-books .. according to court records released on Wednesday.

The settlement is based on the appeal which the company lost last year, which ruled that "Apple" violated antitrust laws own prices, after conspiring with publishers to raise the prices of e-books.

For its part, "Apple" is still denies involvement in this shameful act, where "kristin huguet" a spokeswoman for the company said : "We have not sinned, and we believe that a fair assessment of the facts will show that".

In case of approval of the settlement by the judiciary, goes the amount of $400 million to consumers, while the company will pay an additional $20 million to legal wages.

The lawyers who raised the issue on behalf of the consumer group and 33 U.S. states, intend to seek compensation worth 840 million doll…

Boothes communication primitive overburden Berlin

Old phones pose Booths deployed in the streets of the German capital "Berlin" a significant burden on the municipality of the city .. after it became futile in light of the spread of technology to use mobile phones.

The German telecommunications company «Deutsche Telekom» announced for a new initiative to take advantage of those boothes.

There are close to the Berlin site contains about 3 thousand stall Old phones mostly gray or pink and their ranges between 300 to 400 Euros (415-550 dollars).

The Booths old phones are often converted to small libraries or outlets for the sale of the plants.

Video : you can now create Arabic ebooks without programming experience !!

"vijua" for software announced the launch of an application to create interactive electronic books in Arabic across smart devices whether operating system "Android" or iOS.

"vijua" launched name "Kotobee" on the application interface, which is available to use in the Arabic language .. and offers to the user a set of tools to create books can interact with the content more than one way.

"Ayman Abdul-Rahman" Director General of the company "vijua" commented on the interaction provided by the books made through the application of "Kotobee" ... saying: "We don't mean to interactive open external windows through the pages of the book, but we mean to interact with elements within the page itself".

Abdul-Rahman added that among the elements of the interaction provided by "Kotobee" (three-dimensional objects, video clips, music, pictures performances, and animated characters).

The user can through "…

#MAKTABIOS Weekly Bulletin 4/18/2014

Mauritania Education Minister looking to cooperate with the King Abdulaziz Public Library

Occultation Tunis International Book Fair 2014

Libya involved for the first time in the ninth Erbil International book Fair

Deputy Premier opens 16th Bahrain International Book Fair

Sultan Al Qasimi supports children's book with two million dirhams

5 thousand visitors to the mobile library in "Jubail"

Modern visual language Constitute the Saudi Pavilion in Abu Dhabi Book Fair 2014…

Strengthen cooperation between Hamdan bin Mohammed center and The National Archives

Abu Dhabi National Archives discussed with a delegation from the Hamdan Bin Mohammed center to revive the heritage of ways to enhance cooperation in the development of rules and principles advanced solid archive of the center, and the exchange of expertise in the areas of research and oral history.

This came during a visit by Dr. "Amina Aldhaheri" Director of Research and Studies, accompanied by "Fatima Mohammed" Senior management at the headquarters of the National Archives in Abu Dhabi .. where to meet with "Salma Al Mansouri" The director of the archives which provided for the visitors a presentation on management's vision, mission and objectives operational, and what they offer in terms of documenting and archiving the nation's memory save millions through historical documents of great importance in the history and heritage of the UAE and the Gulf region.

At the conclusion of the visit, Dr. Amina Aldhaheri praised of The National Archives holdin…

Sultan Al Qasimi supports children's book with two million dirhams

His Highness Sheikh Dr. "Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi" Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, inaugurated yesterday the sixth session of the Sharjah children's Reading Festival , which runs until April 25 this in Expo Centre Sharjah with the participation of 124 publishing houses from 17 countries and more than 175 guests from (literary figures .. intellectual and cultural .. academic and artistic Arab and foreign) who will participate in 1694 event will be organized by the activities over 11 days. HH Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, gave generous support of the Children's Book allocate two million dirhams for it.

After cutting the ribbon "Al Qasimi" opening Sharjah Exhibition for drawing children books at its third session with the participation of more than 96 artists from around the world .. favors His Highness to honoring the winners of the six exhibition Awards that amounting 21 thousand U.S.D .

Walid Taher from Egypt won the first-place priz…

Modern visual language Constitute the Saudi Pavilion in Abu Dhabi Book Fair 2014

Saudi cultural attaché in the UAE "Dr. Saleh Alsuhaibani" pointed out that the Kingdom's pavilion at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair This year will see a different design, pointing out that the pavilion will welcome visitors with the language of visual contemporary simulates the font and color in the form of bright where Don and wing design form book or encyclopedia .. that can be seen from all over the exhibition from the idea and philosophy that built them. Saudi Cultural Attaché in the UAE continues its preparations to highlight the Kingdom's participation in the 24th session of the exhibition, which kicks off next April 30 and lasts six days.

participates in the wing more than 25 governmental entity represented in institutions of higher education & technical and government libraries to highlight what the Kingdom have reached of scientific progress and civilization, as well as the definition of the world's some of cultural and scientific aspects in th…

Libya involved for the first time in the ninth Erbil International book Fair

Publishers Union in Libya announced on Saturday that they "participates for the first time" at the ninth Erbil International book Fair, indicated that they will participate in the coming years "more effectively" as pointed out that the publishing industry in Libya "has been activated recently after the end of the domination by Country , "expressing optimism" sizeable area of ​​freedom".

The head of the Libya Union Publishers "Ali Auan" said that "This is our first time in Erbil International book Fair, so it was symbolic to a certain extent ؛ noting that : we didn't know the books required in the region so we came small samples from Libyan libraries and some universities will join us in the coming years more effective".

Auan Added that "the books that we are bring out are from different Libyan publishing houses including (Dar Ferjany, Dar El shaab, the library of February 17 and Dar El rowad) ؛ He pointed out "We …

Occultation Tunis International Book Fair 2014

Tunisian Minister of Culture on Friday said that "the Tunis International Book Fair2014 will be cancelled its session this year for the first time" .. amid widespread criticism of the move.

"Murad Sicilian" culture minister, said at a news conference today «The decision not to organize an exhibition Tunis International Book Fair this year at the request of the Union of Tunisian publishers, especially in the absence of signs of success in the last session».

The Tunis International Book Fair which was founded 35 years ago among the largest exhibitions of Arab and annually attracts a large number of Arab and foreign publishers , hosts thinkers and innovators Arabs and foreign.

Murad Sicilian says «There is almost a consensus from all parties in the media and Publishers Association of Tunisian and Ministry of Culture on the lack of success of the previous session, so the agreement was signed to rethink a clear strategy to ensure success in the future».

He explained his dec…

5 thousand visitors to the mobile library in "Jubail"

Mobile library has attracted Jubail Spring Festival about 5 thousand reader of festival visitors.
the mobile Library Public Relations Officer "Abdullah Alkatiri" was explained by noting that the library keep track of the King Abdulaziz Public Library in Riyadh and it is a part of a national project to renew the relevant book and provide an opportunity for all segments of society to take advantage of library services and events varied in the forefront of public awareness of the importance of reading and the definition of its benefits at all levels and to contribute to creating a cultural environment for reading among all segments of society.

Alkatiri added that the library contains three thousand books, pointing out that the majority of visitors to the library from women and children In addition to the reading tables and chairs jammed by the public, that requiring to open a list of waiting and booking.

Alkatiri stressed that the mobile library designed to provide the book and vi…

Deputy Premier opens 16th Bahrain International Book Fair

Prime Minister (HRH) Prince "Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa" Delegated Deputy Prime Minister Shaikh "Ali bin Khalifa Al Khalifa" on Thursday morning (March 27, 2014) for the opening ceremony of the sixteenth Bahrain International Book Fair , which is organized by the Ministry of Culture at the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre  with the participation of more than 300 publishing houses and cultural institution intellectual local Arab and international.

Shaikh Ali bin Khalifa Al Khalifa stressed that the culture given much attention by the Prime Minister for its role in the development of the consciousness of the people and upgrade them as one of the important means to enhance the reputation of the Kingdom of Bahrain as a country with a long history of civilization and openness in all areas of culture and arts.

The Deputy Prime Minister toured the exhibition accompanied by the Minister of Culture Shaikha "Mai Bint Mohammed Al Khalifa" whic…

Mauritania Education Minister looking to cooperate with the King Abdulaziz Public Library

Mauritania Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. "Bakaa Abdul Malik" confirmed that the King Abdulaziz Public Library has been able to create more cooperation between his country and Saudi Arabia through Arabic union Catalog, which seeks Mauritanian universities libraries to engage in its system through a database index.

This was during the visit of Mauritania minister and his entourage to King Abdul Aziz public Library  yesterday, where he was received by Deputy Supervisor of the King Abdul Aziz Library General Dr "Abdulkarim bin Abdulrahman Al-Zaid" which briefed through on what it contains Library of the treasures of scientific knowledge and cultural projects leader.

The Mauritania minister said "my country is witnessing a development in the field of education that seeks to establish a joint cooperation with Saudi Arabia to supply modern techniques in the framework of joint cooperation between the two countries in all fields".

For his p…

Weekly Bulletin 3/21/2014


«intelligent pistol » not only shoots but its owner

German company "Armatix" introduced in the U.S. market pistol shoots only if it was in the hands of its owner .. it depends on the technique used to identify or radio-frequency (RFID).

Launched on the pistol trade name (iP1) recognize its owner by wristwatch worn by the user and carries within RFID chip put the gun to standby for shoot when the distance between him and the watch does not exceed 25 centimeters.

The pistol becomes inactive automatically after leaving the distance to communicate with a wristwatch and and loss of radio signals. This is what happens in the case also recovered the gun from the hand of the owner  or the loss of the gun.

The idea of ​​safe weapons have been discussed for many years, and suggested that other techniques lead with purpose As supplying personal arms fingerprint scanner.

More Information In The Following Video :

Distribution libraries appliances on 4,500 families in Dhaid

"Culture Without Borders" Project began at the end of last week to distribute the home libraries to families of citizenship in Dhaid in Sharjah .. it includes 4,500 families in various parts of the city district and its villages During the first day was the distribution of libraries to about 30 families and 50 books varied by each family.

"Rashid Mohamed Al kous" general manager of the project "Culture Without Borders" emphasized that the process of distribution in the city Dhaid conducted according to plan without any problems or delays .. thanks to the cooperation of parents , staff, and facilities provided by the Branch Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) in Dhaid as the official residence Libraries for the distribution of household owners.

Al kous said: "Dhaid located in the heart of the central region in the Emirate of Sharjah and it is characterized by wide area of ​​agricultural land and the spread of the houses along the geograph…

monuments of Islamic civilization in Egypt

A new service provided by Blog administration . It's about The Definition of Islamic antiquities sites around the Arab world.

We Will sailing in many countries including "Turkey.. Morocco .. Yemen .. Iraq and many countries in the great Arab world".

today we begin with "Egypt" A beacon of Islamic civilization :

This is A detailed maps of the locations of Islamic Archaeology in Cairo, two Plates From Egyptian Survey Authority In 1951.

For Full View Click on the image

This content is taken from : Islamic Archaeology Blog

Weekly Bulletin 3/7/2014

Meeting of the "National Authority for Quality" to set standards program for libraries in faculties of Arts (Egypt)

Met today at the headquarters of the National Authority to ensure the quality of education and accreditation preparation team of academic standards for program information and libraries of the faculties of Arts.

The meeting discussed : "the overall objectives of the program , graduate specifications , targeted results , comparison of the standards that are commensurate with the requirements of the era and the domestic of the local and international environment" .. so as to formulate general criteria for the adoption of the quality of faculties of Arts.

The meeting was chaired by "Dr. Magdy Kassem" Chairman of the National Authority to ensure the quality of education and accreditation , with the presence of "Dr. El Sawy Ahmed" professor at the Faculty of Arts University of the Suez Canal and "Dr. Osama El Sayed" professor of library of Arts Cairo University.

National Library of Iran sign memorandum of understanding with Foreign entities and local

A spokesman for documents Foundation and the National Library of Iran Announced that Iran signed a memorandum of understanding with 52 Foreign entities and 120 with local institutions; as well as bank up the receipt of a map of Iran dating back to the sixteenth century.

"Inayat salarian" emphasized on sign 52 a memorandum of understanding with the authorities; pointing out that it is usually the signing of one a memorandum every month with foreign countries, as well as an extension of the notes which ends on time.

He pointed to some of these notes and said that his organization has signed memorandums with the
national libraries of (Shanghai , Bruce German , South Korea , the Russian State Library , Tunisia  , Armenia , Poland, Ukraine , France , South Africa , tajikistan , the Vatican , the  Library of Congress and at last the British Library) he said that holding these notes contributes to the strengthening cultural links Where political relations play a role in this field in…

#publishing_house "Brill" and #Bibliotheca_Alexandrina collaborate in boosting #Arabic_digitization

Bibliotheca Alexandrina cooperated with the Dutch publishing house "Brill" in the establishment of a training workshop for the digitization of Arabic texts, the event took place in Leiden, The Netherlands.

This collaboration came in the framework of celebration of House Brill for publication in
the 400th anniversary for the dissemination of the Arabic language ... it was chosen as the Bibliotheca Alexandrina to participate in the event for being a pioneer in the dissemination of Arabic content digitally and promotion for more than ten years and their experience of excellence in the field of digitization of Arabic texts.

Workshop brought together a number of participants from different countries such as Lebanon, Turkey, Tunisia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Russia in addition to the various libraries and institutes in Europe.

the participants Were informed during the workshop on the latest digitization techniques developed by Bibliotheca Alexandrina which include image processing …

#Dogs in libraries to encourage children on reading

An Estonian woman pointed to "project being worked on in the libraries of the country, aims to encourage children to read and to increase confidence in themselves" pointing out that "reading aloud among a number of dogs in the library is a project which aims to encourage the boys".

Responsible for this project "Iowa Roots" said :

(reading aloud in front of a dog is a great way keep track with the boys who have problems with reading, or who do not enjoy the confidence of their own, Dogs listen silently, it will not make any criticism other than children and adults, and therefore these sessions help children to gain self-confidence and to express themselves freely).

Weekly Bulletin 2/28/2014

"Al-aqsa Mosque Library" in #Jerusalem enters the #digital_era 
Because of #Jewish #religious_books - U.S. court went to #Russia final ultimatum
Destroy copies of the diary #Anne_Frank in Libraries various parts of #Japan - See more at: Destroy copies of the diary #Anne_Frank in Libraries various parts of #Japan

Because of #Jewish #religious_books - U.S. court went to #Russia final ultimatum - See more at: "Al-aqsa Mosque Library" in #Jerusalem enters the #digital_era - See more at:
"Al-aqsa Mosque Library" in #Jerusalem enters the #digital_era - See more at: "…

"Al-aqsa Mosque Library" in #Jerusalem enters the #digital_era

"Al-Aqsa Mosque library" in Jerusalem launched a project to set up digital copies of their holdings of ancient Arabic manuscripts, to provide an opportunity for researchers found in the world via the World Wide Web.

The library where located near the Al-Aqsa mosque in the eastern city of Jerusalem,includes about 130 thousand books, including the 4000 manuscript, dealing with different disciplines, from medicine to mathematics and science of religion, and some dating to before about a thousand years.

Director-General of the library, "Hamed Abu Teir," began last year, a project for digital copies of the manuscript in 2000, with the aim of finishing and placed on the Internet by the year 2015.

It was mentioned on the library Al-Aqsa Mosque, in the book «Studies in the cultural heritage of the city of Jerusalem» issued by Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations - Beirut, that the library "is one of the most important Islamic libraries in the holy city in ter…

Because of #Jewish #religious_books - U.S. court went to #Russia final ultimatum

In a statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry said Russia expresses its protest about the decision by the Inter-American Court on so-called " group wrote Hnaerson ." Where resolution obliges Russia to pay for the " Chabad " Jewish religious in the United States 50 thousand dollars a day .

A group of books a controversial "4425 religiously books" kept in the ancient Russian State Library in Moscow, and anyone can visit the library and ask that group of books to read. But Russia's according to the U.S. Court should be given to the Jewish organization that group of religious books, and pay a fine of 50 thousand dollars a day after refusing to implement the court's decision.

The Russian Foreign Ministry responded harshly to the decision, calling it imposes sanctions on a sovereign country, which is a flagrant violation of international law.

Special Commissioner of the Russian President for Cultural Cooperation "Mikhail Shvydkoi" announc…

Destroy copies of the diary #Anne_Frank in Libraries various parts of #Japan

News reports said that hundreds of copies of the diary "Anne Frank" (child of Jewish victims of the Nazi Holocaust) have been destroyed in various libraries throughout Japan, the Simon Wiesenthal Center criticized the Jewish this incident and called for an investigation.

Library responsible have informed the police in Japan after the discovery of ripping several pages of at least 265 copies of the diary of Anne Frank, and other books relating to this personal in 31 library in Japan since last January.

Japanese government spokesman "Yoshihedy Suga" described the destroy of the books that had been placed on an open shelves , as the work of "an unfortunate and very shameful".

Prompted the incident the Simon Wiesenthal ( Center Jewish Defense of Human Rights, based in the United States) to call for an investigation into the incident.

Chief Rabbi "Abraham Cooper", an official of the center said "The geographical scope of these incidents suggests str…

Weekly Bulletin 2/21/2014

«Obeikan»: Libraries sales volume up to five billion annually

35 thousand dollars to renovate the library "tourist" to confront extremism in Lebanon

Create libraries next to the Academy of Arts cheaply under the auspices of the Culture Palaces

Adoption of new projects for the development of libraries of King Khalid University

The smallest library in the world in Lisbon with more than 3,000 books within 4 meters

The smallest library in the world in Lisbon with more than 3,000 books within 4 meters - See more at:
The smallest library in the world in Lisbon with more than 3,000 books within 4 meters - See more at:

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«Obeikan»: Libraries sales volume up to five billion annually

Administrator emphasized of Obeikan libraries Engineer "Mohamed Eid", that the book fairs in the Arab countries affected by political stability, citing the size of their sales in Cairo Exhibition 2014 which dropped by 75% from last year 2013, and they are working on the expansion of the GCC markets during the next five years, where he see the well retail market for libraries in the Kingdom .. After the arrived in the volume of sales to 5 billion annually.

In a meeting with journalists on the sidelines of the inauguration of Obeikan Book-store in its new branch in Dhahran Mall "Eid" anticipate to increase revenue this year to 200% in the six new branches to be opened in 2014, in the cities of Dhahran, Jeddah, Najran, Khamis and Batin. He said we have a 3000 book, and We are the most important publishers in the Arab world, but he came back and confirmed that the Obeikan libraries has turned to the digitization of 60%, reference that to the youth transformation in the …

35 thousand dollars to renovate the library "tourist" to confront extremism in Lebanon

Lebanese priest, who belongs to the Greek Orthodox "Ibrahim Suruj" trying to raise 35 thousand dollars worth of funding to rebuild the "tourist" library famous Lebanese, which caught fire several weeks ago in order to update and re-buy rare books.

The fire resulted in damage to the library between a quarter and a third of the books in the "tourist library" in Tripoli, northern Lebanon, which is about 85 thousand books, according to press reports, including Islamic manuscripts dating back more than two centuries.

Exposed archaeological library, which has a 40-year-old market in the old town in the neighborhood of Sarai, to attack by people suspected of belonging to a militant Islamic currents. The incident led to provide a lot of support for Suruj, through help him on cleaning, donate books, and try to mobilize funding online to renew library.

Suruj said It's unexpected, but he feels as thrilled joined to help people of all religious backgrounds. Suruj Ad…

Create libraries next to the Academy of Arts cheaply under the auspices of the Culture Palaces

Saad Abdul-Rahman (head of the General Authority for Cultural Palaces)
and the writer Mohamed Nassef (president of Greater Cairo and north of the cultural level) announced their ownership by the idea of ​​creating a libraries next to the Academy of Arts in El-Haram Street

where it is selling versions of the General Authority for Cultural Palaces cheaply, in addition to providing a range of Gifts for schools nearby .

This comes within the framework of the General Authority for Cultural Palaces and cultural awareness of the masses and the revival of the value of reading to the Egyptian people, especially young people and children.

Adoption of new projects for the development of libraries of King Khalid University

A continuation of the ongoing development witnessed by the King Khalid University in order to develop the infrastructure for Public Libraries to provide all the support services for researchers and visitors recently been inserted second phase of the project indexing libraries King Khalid University and linked to processing within budget plan this year amount of 1,500,000 rials.

This project aims to modernize the infrastructure to keep pace with requirements of the times and increase the quality of service quality and quantity And facilitate access of researchers to vascular cognitive which will contribute to boost scientific research at the university and advancement, as it will allow employees of the university see the contents of the library without having to visit. Dr. Saeed Al-Khalidi dean of libraries Has stated that university libraries sub will see during the current year awarding of developmental projects multiple monitor has more than 1,200,000 rials, it will also be completed…

The smallest library in the world in Lisbon with more than 3,000 books within 4 meters

"Sao Cristovao Library" Baixa district, located in the Portuguese capital Lisbon classified as "the smallest library in the world", with an area of ​​3.8 square meters, and even though it has more than three thousand books.

Owner Library "Simao Carneiro" said in a statement "I do not know if it's a smaller place to sell books in the world or not, but it contains all the services available to grand libraries : a dedicated section for books discounted prices, Department of customers queries .. So it is possible to be smaller library incomplete Staff in the world ".

Carneiro (41 years) Explains that he had over a decade to compile thousands of books written in languages​​ : Portuguese, Spanish, English and even Chinese and Japanese.

Carneiro pointed out that he left his career as a teacher of chemistry, which at the age of 32 to devote himself to his passion, where he dreamed of managing a library in the ancient historical neighborhoods in Lisbon.

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