Libya involved for the first time in the ninth Erbil International book Fair

Erbil International book Fair

Publishers Union in Libya announced on Saturday that they "participates for the first time" at the ninth Erbil International book Fair, indicated that they will participate in the coming years "more effectively" as pointed out that the publishing industry in Libya "has been activated recently after the end of the domination by Country , "expressing optimism" sizeable area of ​​freedom".

The head of the Libya Union Publishers "Ali Auan" said that "This is our first time in Erbil International book Fair, so it was symbolic to a certain extent ؛ noting that : we didn't know the books required in the region so we came small samples from Libyan libraries and some universities will join us in the coming years more effective".

Auan Added that "the books that we are bring out are from different Libyan publishing houses including (Dar Ferjany, Dar El shaab, the library of February 17 and Dar El rowad) ؛ He pointed out "We will Defines the Erbil International Book Libya because the desire to participate by Libyan universities in book fairs and we will try to present the Libya Ministry of Culture ".

Auan stressed that "the private sector began in the late nineties and the beginning of 2000 to publish the Academic books and the number of Libyans publishers now exceeds 100 publisher and they have many books in all fields of science and knowledge," he pointing out that  "Libya is now in a wide range of freedoms of the writer in order writes now hasn't any reservations on writing both in terms of historical or literary".

President of the Kurdistan region "Massoud Barzani" opened in the second of April 2014, the ninth Erbil International book Fair held by Almada Foundation for Media-term and culture and will run for ten days.

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