National Library: a project repository memory Sudan

International Hall - University of Science and Technology Forum Technology Systems Scientific Monthly Thirty-second, a seminar entitled: Draft National Library repository for the production of memory Sudanese intellectual, cultural, scientific, where he presented a documentary film about the emergence and development of the University of Science and Technology and its achievements.

The session was attended by a gathering of professors Forum University of Science and Technology and its Board of Directors, headed by Major General Abdul Aziz, Secretary, Chairman of the University and His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Jamal Mohammed Ibrahim, professor at the University poet password Duleep grandchildren and a number of people interested in libraries and information.

Initially welcomed Dr. Mubarak Bashir - Secretary of the Scientific Affairs University and is responsible for Forum attendees, explaining the goal of the Forum's monthly University on issues of scientific and cultural interest to the community, followed by His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Abdul Karim - Vice President of the University and expressed his pleasure to host the Forum this month, specifically on Go to the National Library, and hello speakers and commentators and the audience.

The start of Dr. Mohammed irons Mustafa - former Minister for Planning Speaking Mitrisa meeting and next to Dr. Noureddine Satti - Secretary-General of the National Library of speaking which, on the history of libraries since its beginnings before Christmas and the interest of peoples and nations to collect their heritage and their thoughts in ways and methods of multiple and varied. Leaving the field to Dr. Noureddine Satti to talk about Malate National Library of Sudan as the main warehouse to save the production of intellectual, cultural and scientific community of Sudan, and the National Library is an institution with national sovereignty at the national level and thus represent memory the truth to the nation by having a collection of knowledge, and Tsgeleta and present it to others, with the need to link between them and similar institutions have to introduce the culture and heritage of the nation, and this is what her family to be the memory alive and developing a dynamic and growing.
Enumerating the importance of libraries in all forms and types as an essential component of and supportive of the National Library in achieving the aspiration of the common objectives, Mistoagafa the audience the importance of a national consciousness in the establishment of libraries in general and the National Library in particular. The Adlv in his interview to the overlap of the areas of information technology and libraries with each other, citing the convening of the Second Scientific Conference of the Sudanese Association for libraries and information last year about the importance of information technology and use in the field of libraries and information.

Then he asked Dr. Noureddine Satti on how to build a national library and a modern, and that this is only possible through the combined efforts of everyone to contribute to the scientific vision which the state depends on the selection of items eligible to create. And specifically of specialists in the field of libraries and information, where displayed then the definitions of a documentary film of the library on the history of Sudan's national composition and its current, and engineering design for the proposed new headquarters of the National Library building. With a stay of execution of the work for its failure to provide the necessary funding, it was mentioned in Dr. Noureddine Satti that there are intensive contacts with national institutions and sovereign and to provide other regional finance the construction of the National Library of Sudan.

Has been involved in to comment on the session Prof. Dr. Kassem Osman Nour - expert and professor of library science and director of the Center denominator of the information, and Dr. Shadia Mohammad Ahmad - Secretary of the Main Library at the University of Science and Technology, where he spoke both about the importance of a warehouse to save the heritage of the nation, and that other peoples and nations has shown interest in this side since the periods of time was the establishment of the national libraries of the Arab regional level since the beginning of the last century, with comparable current situation in Sudan, and the need for the National Library role in the process of linking all information institutions in Sudan, system networking standard to ensure her rights of sovereignty at the national level.

At the end of the meeting had the opportunity to engage the audience to talk and comment and opinion in the establishment of a warehouse Sudanese memory to save the production of intellectual, cultural, scientific and participate in its development, with emphasis on the provision of funding necessary and sufficient, and achieve the dream of the nation in the establishment of the National Library.

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