Opening of the exhibition Memory of Modern Egypt at the University of Vilnius, Lithuania

Saw Vilnius Lithuania University Library opening of the exhibition "Memory of Modern Egypt .. Egypt was discovered in the 19 centuries and 20", which was organized by the Memory of Modern Egypt BA. The exhibition, which continues until March 31, the first major cultural event Egyptian state of Lithuania.

Opened The exhibition by Mahmoud Ezzat, head of the Memory of Modern Egypt Alexandria Library, and Krevanyh IRNA, Director of the Vilnius University Library.

Participated in the opening of a large number of senior officials in Lithuania; including adviser to the Foreign Ministry for Cultural Affairs, the Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Director of the Department for Africa and the Middle East, Asia, State Department, and Director of the Lithuanian National Library.

The opening was attended also a large number of faculty members, students, and the Egyptian and Arab community in Lithuania, and a number of media.

Mahmoud Ezzat, Director of Special Projects at the BA said, the demand to visit the exhibition on the opening ceremony was unrivaled, and presented attributed the quick view of the project Memory of Modern Egypt, and how to browse the site and ways to review the materials and modern technologies used in documenting the history of Egypt's modern and contemporary art in digital form, as presented the Documentary film "memory of Modern Egypt," a production of memory of Modern Egypt BA.

Ezzat gave a lecture about the Library of Alexandria and the revolution in January 25th Parliament of Lithuania, in collaboration with the Center for culture In-action , and the presence of a number of aide to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Lithuanian and vice-Lithuanian parliament, also delivered a lecture Centre of Oriental Studies on the Memory of Modern Egypt, and another about the life of the late President Anwar Sadat, with the participation of the cultural attaché of the U.S..

Ezzat explained that he had a number of meetings to promote cooperation Egyptian Lithuanian; including a meeting with the head of the Center In-action on the cultural construction of the first Arabic Library in Lithuania under the auspices of Foreign Affairs and Parliament of Lithuania, and in partnership with the Library of Alexandria.

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