Twenty-Fourth Congress of (AFLI)

"Profession Library and Information Studies: reality and future directions"

In collaboration with : Taibah University - Medina

Twenty-Fourth Congress of the Arab Federation for Libraries and Information (AFLI)

Held in Medina (Saudi Arabia) 25-28 November 2013

Conference Topics :

  1. The reality and the future of the library profession at the time of Arab ICT.
  2. The role of associations and educational institutions in the development of the profession Arab.
  3. Industry Information Studies: Identity and future directions.
  4. Change the names of studies departments and subordination in academic institutions and its impacts on the development of the speciality.
  5. Career opportunities and appropriate output to the needs of the labor market.
  6. Libraries in Medina (particularly this axis that Medina is the capital of Islamic culture in 2013).

Post inquiry :

All correspondence should be sent to participate in the conference to both:
  • D. Mohammad Jafar Arif ( Chairman of the Scientific Committee
  • A. Mona Razek al-Rashidi ( secretary of the Scientific Committee
  • A. D. Hassan Awad Surayhi ( Federation President

standards of Accepted research and worksheets :
  • Have a look worksheet or advertised within the axes of the conference, and that the search has not been published or participate in any conference.
  • Taking into account the novelty and originality and innovation in the paper.
  • Commitment to the scientific method when preparing research, taking into account the selection of the appropriate curriculum, said research topic and his questions / hypothesis clearly.
  • Documented thoroughly search, said reference citations that completed data in the last work, and according to the rules of MLA for bibliographic description.
  • Taking into account the safety of drafting language and accuracy, and to clearly express the fundamental aspects of the subject of the paper.
  • Deadlines for receipt of abstracts and full text of posts, until the completion of the necessary procedures for the issuance of the Acts of Congress and visa.

Standards writing research and working papers submitted :

  • Provide research and working papers copied on a computer using the Punt-land 14 line Traditional Arabic.
  • Not exceed 30-page search and not less than 15 pages.
  • Provided the methodology does not exceed 10% of the total paper.
  • working begins with a summary in Arabic within 500 words.
  • Accompanied by short biographical work of the researcher.
  • Researcher prepare a presentation for consideration to be presented within the conference.
  • Researchers committed to come to the conference and talk their research on their own.

Dates should be adhered to :

  • The last date for receipt of abstracts (03/25/2013)
  • Respond to accept extracts (04/1/2013)
  • Deadline for receipt of the full text of the research (07/1/2013)
  • Respond to accept scientific research (07/15/2013)

Important disclaimer :
  • Will be accepted sixty research approved by the Scientific Committee for presentation during the conference.
  • There will be guest speakers to enrich the content of knowledge and discussion of themes.

Conference costs :

  • Researcher who accepts his research or for publication in the conference will be exempted from paying the conference fee, and only pay $ 30 membership fee.
  • Travel and accommodation costs are the responsibility of the researcher, not management conference.
  • Researcher must register at the conference via fill out the form and register according to the dates declared without waiting for the result of arbitration research.

Best Search Conference :

Arab Federation for Libraries and Information (AFLI) is pleased to announce the award valued at "$ 500 U.S" a shield for the best research presented in the conference. In Addition to hosting three nights.

Rules governing the award as follows :

  1. Named the award: "Award Arab Federation for Libraries and Information (I know) to the best research."
  2. The award is bound to each axis topics related to the field of the conference.
  3. Arbitration research by the Scientific Committee in accordance with the standards of Arbitration research systematically and objectively.
  4. The award will be presented and shield at the conference , Therefore required to submit the study at the conference.
  5. Dates to participate in this award are the dates stated in the Declaration of axies.

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