A cooperation agreement between the Jordanian National Library and the E-Library of IMF

Jordanian National Library signed with the Library of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and electronic access to the program for research development and innovation (ARDI) agreement for the exchange of information to make them available to researchers and those interested on the department's website where it became available for free to library visitors from the date of signing the agreement.

Director General of the Department of National Library researcher "Mohammed Abbadi" stressed on the importance of these agreements, which will contribute to bridge the knowledge gap and the ease of obtaining student and a Jordanian researcher on the information and create the capacity to cope with human knowledge.

Abadi added that : the agreement comes in the context of promoting the concept of the knowledge economy to create a real opportunity for the student with limited income to get the information free of charge through the brief him on the most important sites of the international publishing houses, browse titles magazines, publishing houses and research mission to take advantage of the vast amount of information available to library visitors-national as well as information and statistical facts and figures provided important the IMF site.

National Library has received -according to al-Abadi- an offer from the International Monetary Fund to join the library custodial affiliate where the provision of publications all electronically and free of charge to libraries national in developing countries and countries in the process of growth in order to benefit from these publications and to allow the citizens of the countries access to the content library Fund .. as a deposit Library to the IMF .. have universal access and electronic to various Statistics and publications databases to pumped it free to the National Library.

Also, according to al-Abadi .. the information that can be provided by electronic library of the (IMF) include :

  • globalization- development- trade and technical assistant- emerging markets- poverty reduction and other information.
  • As well as the International Financial Statistics- the balance of payments statistics- direction of trade statistics- government finance statistics- statistical yearbooks.
  • Analytical books and papers such as: conference papers- reports of States- dictionaries- special editions- booklets- worksheets.
  • Periodicals and reports: reports about the global economy such as: Global Financial Stability Report- the annual report on the exchange- control of public finances.
  • The activities of the International Monetary Fund such as: the annual report of the Governing Council- Journal of Finance and Development- reports of independent evaluation offices and the texts of the Convention and regulations.
  • The program is about access for research development and innovation (ARDI).

Abadi said: The program of access to research for development and creativity is a program run by the World Organization of Intellectual Property in cooperation with the scientific magazine publishers and technological content providers. It aims to facilitate the provision of scientific and technological information to patent offices, local academic and research institutions to promote creativity, innovation and encourage the use of industrial property rights in developing countries and the least developed countries.

On the importance of the program added Abbadi that the number of publishers shareholders in the project 17 publishers .. who make available electronic access to approximately (10,000) magazine, book, and a reference to a hundred and seven developing countries through the signing of a license between publishers (and their representatives where the World Intellectual Property Organization) and licensed user (IPOs / national Library) this is done through the use of login name and password private library.

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