Sunday, March 30, 2014

Occultation Tunis International Book Fair 2014

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Tunisian Minister of Culture on Friday said that "the Tunis International Book Fair 2014 will be cancelled its session this year for the first time" .. amid widespread criticism of the move.

"Murad Sicilian" culture minister, said at a news conference today «The decision not to organize an exhibition Tunis International Book Fair this year at the request of the Union of Tunisian publishers, especially in the absence of signs of success in the last session».

The Tunis International Book Fair which was founded 35 years ago among the largest exhibitions of Arab and annually attracts a large number of Arab and foreign publishers , hosts thinkers and innovators Arabs and foreign.

Murad Sicilian says «There is almost a consensus from all parties in the media and Publishers Association of Tunisian and Ministry of Culture on the lack of success of the previous session, so the agreement was signed to rethink a clear strategy to ensure success in the future».

He explained his decision «What is the point of organizing a demonstration will not succeed in the absence of a clear strategy and planning in advance, and in the absence of good preparations to ensure the provision of a success».

He Dependent «not important to organize cultural events for recording attendance only, but must have a signed real and contribute to create jobs so we are working on plans to restore the glow to the book fair until it gets to the radiation, and contribute to the promotion of the Tunisian book to make it universally».

the local media criticized the Culture Minister's decision and described him by some as minister of music not the minister of culture (in a reference to the musical that jurisdiction, and managed festivals including the Festival of Carthage).

Thursday, March 27, 2014

5 thousand visitors to the mobile library in "Jubail"

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Mobile library has attracted Jubail Spring Festival about 5 thousand reader of festival visitors.
the mobile Library Public Relations Officer "Abdullah Alkatiri" was explained by noting that the library keep track of the King Abdulaziz Public Library in Riyadh and it is a part of a national project to renew the relevant book and provide an opportunity for all segments of society to take advantage of library services and events varied in the forefront of public awareness of the importance of reading and the definition of its benefits at all levels and to contribute to creating a cultural environment for reading among all segments of society.

Alkatiri added that the library contains three thousand books, pointing out that the majority of visitors to the library from women and children In addition to the reading tables and chairs jammed by the public, that requiring to open a list of waiting and booking.

Alkatiri stressed that the mobile library designed to provide the book and view it in remote areas or that do not have public libraries as well as public participation in festivals and public events and the library consists of (bookshelves , benches for readers , corner video for children) aimed at promoting the culture of the child and the attachment to the book also organizes the library a variety of contests for adults and kids to raise awareness in different areas of life is reflected on the cognitive development and upgrading of the intellectual community.

Deputy Premier opens 16th Bahrain International Book Fair

Shaikh Ali bin Khalifa, while inspecting the exhibition

Prime Minister (HRH) Prince "Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa" Delegated Deputy Prime Minister Shaikh
"Ali bin Khalifa Al Khalifa" on Thursday morning (March 27, 2014) for the opening ceremony of the sixteenth Bahrain International Book Fair , which is organized by the Ministry of Culture at the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre  with the participation of more than 300 publishing houses and cultural institution intellectual local Arab and international.

Shaikh Ali bin Khalifa Al Khalifa stressed that the culture given much attention by the Prime Minister for its role in the development of the consciousness of the people and upgrade them as one of the important means to enhance the reputation of the Kingdom of Bahrain as a country with a long history of civilization and openness in all areas of culture and arts.

The Deputy Prime Minister toured the exhibition accompanied by the Minister of Culture Shaikha "Mai Bint Mohammed Al Khalifa" which he briefed on the sections of the exhibition and listened to an explanation of the curators for exhibits and publications of books .

The Prime Minister Has expressed his admiration as witnessed by the Bahrain International Book Fair consisted of consecutive successes in attracting many publishing houses Arab and international participation including embodies the Kingdom's ability to organize international specialized exhibitions.

He commended that the Bahrain International Book Fair through its successive able to gain increasing importance and a large turnout of both publishing houses or visitors under the polarization of many titles that cater to everyone's tastes, as well as it contributed to motivate young people to read and learn about offering them a variety of books in various fields.

For its part, expressed Sheikha Mai
Bint Mohammed Al Khalifa sincere thanks and appreciation to His Highness the Prime Minister on the show of interest in culture and literature, stressing that the care of His Highness the Bahrain International Book embodies the extent of the faith of His Highness the importance of culture as the most important element in the renaissance of nations and progress.

It's Worth mentioning that "Egypt" is the guest of honor at the Bahrain International exhibition.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mauritania Education Minister looking to cooperate with the King Abdulaziz Public Library

visit of Mauritania minister and his entourage

Mauritania Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. "Bakaa Abdul Malik" confirmed that the King Abdulaziz Public Library has been able to create more cooperation between his country and Saudi Arabia through Arabic union Catalog, which seeks Mauritanian universities libraries to engage in its system through a database index.

This was during the visit of Mauritania minister and his entourage to King Abdul Aziz public Library  yesterday, where he was received by Deputy Supervisor of the King Abdul Aziz Library General Dr "Abdulkarim bin Abdulrahman Al-Zaid" which briefed through on what it contains Library of the treasures of scientific knowledge and cultural projects leader.

The Mauritania minister said "my country is witnessing a development in the field of education that seeks to establish a joint cooperation with Saudi Arabia to supply modern techniques in the framework of joint cooperation between the two countries in all fields".

For his part, Dr. Al-Zaid expressed his happiness to visit the Mauritanian Minister of the library that holds the depth of cultural and knowledge between the two countries .. which resulted in their collaboration for many of the scholars and intellectuals of the two countries.

Al-Zaid said "the library ready to fully cooperate with the Mauritanian universities through Arabic union Catalog to be its portal, pointing out that intellectual production Mauritanian a new addition to the gates of Catalog, which will be launched soon".

Thursday, March 20, 2014

«intelligent pistol » not only shoots but its owner

German company "Armatix" introduced in the U.S. market pistol shoots only if it was in the hands of its owner .. it depends on the technique used to identify or radio-frequency (RFID).

Launched on the pistol trade name (iP1) recognize its owner by wristwatch worn by the user and carries within RFID chip put the gun to standby for shoot when the distance between him and the watch does not exceed 25 centimeters.


The pistol becomes inactive automatically after leaving the distance to communicate with a wristwatch and and loss of radio signals. This is what happens in the case also recovered the gun from the hand of the owner  or the loss of the gun.

The idea of ​​safe weapons have been discussed for many years, and suggested that other techniques lead with purpose As supplying personal arms fingerprint scanner.

More Information In The Following Video :

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Distribution libraries appliances on 4,500 families in Dhaid

Culture Without Borders Project

"Culture Without Borders" Project began at the end of last week to distribute the home libraries to families of citizenship in Dhaid in Sharjah .. it includes 4,500 families in various parts of the city district and its villages During the first day was the distribution of libraries to about 30 families and 50 books varied by each family.

"Rashid Mohamed Al kous" general manager of the project "Culture Without Borders" emphasized that the process of distribution in the city Dhaid conducted according to plan without any problems or delays .. thanks to the cooperation of parents , staff, and facilities provided by the Branch Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) in Dhaid as the official residence Libraries for the distribution of household owners.

Al kous said: "Dhaid located in the heart of the central region in the Emirate of Sharjah and it is characterized by wide area of ​​agricultural land and the spread of the houses along the geographical spread wide, so we keen in the pre-distribution access to all these areas and communicate with the population of citizens to find out their concerns cultural and the quality of the books they want to read .. so we worked on the choice of appropriate books for them to read and encourage them to take advantage of these books in the self-development and enrichment of the general culture to achieve the objectives of the project".

The phase distribution libraries household in the city Thaid is the stage 12 of 13 stage for the distribution of books to families of citizenship in the emirate of Sharjah, which has been completed so far from the stages of the eleven first, which included until the end of 2013, about 13 thousand families in "Khor Fakkan, Kalba, Dibba Al-Hisn, Maliha, Madam, Hamriyah, Shis, the Valley of sweet, AlNahwa,  Sajaa, Nizwa, and the final phase of the project will include Sharjah City and its suburbs.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

monuments of Islamic civilization in Egypt

A new service provided by
Blog administration . It's about The Definition of Islamic antiquities sites around the Arab world.

We Will sailing in many countries including "Turkey.. Morocco .. Yemen .. Iraq and many countries in the great Arab world".

today we begin with "Egypt" A beacon of Islamic civilization :

This is A detailed maps of the locations of Islamic Archaeology in Cairo, two Plates From Egyptian Survey Authority In 1951.

The first Plate

For Full View Click on the image

The Second Plate

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Meeting of the "National Authority for Quality" to set standards program for libraries in faculties of Arts (Egypt)

Dr. Magdy Kassem

Met today at the headquarters of the National Authority to ensure the quality of education and accreditation preparation team of academic standards for program information and libraries of the faculties of Arts.

The meeting discussed : "the overall objectives of the program , graduate specifications , targeted results , comparison of the standards that are commensurate with the requirements of the era and the domestic of the local and international environment" .. so as to formulate general criteria for the adoption of the quality of faculties of Arts.

The meeting was chaired by "Dr. Magdy Kassem" Chairman of the National Authority to ensure the quality of education and accreditation , with the presence of "Dr. El Sawy Ahmed" professor at the Faculty of Arts University of the Suez Canal and "Dr. Osama El Sayed" professor of library of Arts Cairo University.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

National Library of Iran sign memorandum of understanding with Foreign entities and local

National Library of Iran

A spokesman for documents Foundation and the National Library of Iran Announced that Iran signed a memorandum of understanding with 52 Foreign entities and 120 with local institutions; as well as bank up the receipt of a map of Iran dating back to the sixteenth century.

"Inayat salarian" emphasized on sign 52 a memorandum of understanding with the authorities; pointing out that it is usually the signing of one a memorandum every month with foreign countries, as well as an extension of the notes which ends on time.

He pointed to some of these notes and said that his organization has signed memorandums with the
national libraries of (Shanghai , Bruce German , South Korea , the Russian State Library , Tunisia  , Armenia , Poland, Ukraine , France , South Africa , tajikistan , the Vatican , the  Library of Congress and at last the British Library) he said that holding these notes contributes to the strengthening cultural links Where political relations play a role in this field in the base signature.

"Inayat" Focused on the presence of a lot of documents, manuscripts and books about Iran in the various countries of the world and said that if these documents were transferred to the home, this achievement will be considered as the best accomplishment achieved by this institution at all.

Note: This institution has signed since 2001 and so far 120 memorandum of understanding with local institutions, including cooperation in the field of restoration , preservation of the documents , the preparation of the electronic archive , numbered sources , establish forums and joint exhibitions.

Inayat explained that this institution is working to increase the bonds of cooperation with all institutions (centers of educational) (scientific committees) (ministries) through the signing of the memorandums of understanding with them.

He continued by saying that the duration of these notes are generally five years; It was the best of the memorandum that where signed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Where it was transferred from which eight thousand Iranian document from abroad to the systems of the institution.

Inayat was announced for awarding to the Foundation from Poland "a map of Iran back to the sixteenth century" in the midst of the international boycott against Iran .. which is considered a success and publicity for the country.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

#publishing_house "Brill" and #Bibliotheca_Alexandrina collaborate in boosting #Arabic_digitization

Arabic manuscript

Bibliotheca Alexandrina cooperated with the Dutch publishing house "Brill" in the establishment of a training workshop for the digitization of Arabic texts, the event took place in
Leiden, The Netherlands.

This collaboration came in the framework of celebration of House Brill for publication in
the 400th anniversary for the dissemination of the Arabic language ... it was chosen as the Bibliotheca Alexandrina to participate in the event for being a pioneer in the dissemination of Arabic content digitally and promotion for more than ten years and their experience of excellence in the field of digitization of Arabic texts.

Workshop brought together a number of participants from different countries such as Lebanon, Turkey, Tunisia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Russia in addition to the various libraries and institutes in Europe.

the participants Were informed during the workshop on the latest digitization techniques developed by Bibliotheca Alexandrina which include image processing and optical character recognition (OCR) of the Arabic texts through theoretical lectures and sessions for practical application.

This workshop is one of a group training workshops about the digitization of Arabic texts provided by Bibliotheca Alexandrina since 2007 to many partners as the University of Yale and the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) and the American University of Beirut (AUB).

The workshop is an extension of the Brill message persistent in spreading the Arabic language and culture of the Middle East since 1683 .. where Brill publishes hundreds of books and publications on the Middle East , Egypt and Islamic studies .. most notably the Islamic Encyclopedia and Middle East manuscripts on the Internet. For its part  Bibliotheca Alexandrina was keen to participate in this initiative which are in line with its mission to develop the Arabic digital content.

It is worth mentioning that the " Leiden University " was established in 1613 , which is one of the first headquarters for the dissemination of culture and the Arabic language in Europe .

Brill founded in 1683 in
Leiden, (The Netherlands). The Brill is a publishing international academic house leader in 20 area : Studies Islamic and Middle Eastern , Asian studies , history , language , linguistics , biology , and international law as well as many other areas.

The Brill currently through its offices in Leiden and Boston publishes 200 magazines and about 700 new books and reference every year whether in print or electronically.

#Dogs in libraries to encourage children on reading

An Estonian woman pointed to "project being worked on in the libraries of the country, aims to encourage children to read and to increase confidence in themselves" pointing out that "reading aloud among a number of dogs in the library is a project which aims to encourage the boys".

Dogs in library help children to read

Responsible for this project "Iowa Roots" said :

(reading aloud in front of a dog is a great way keep track with the boys who have problems with reading, or who do not enjoy the confidence of their own, Dogs listen silently, it will not make any criticism other than children and adults, and therefore these sessions help children to gain self-confidence and to express themselves freely).

Weekly Bulletin 2/28/2014

"Al-aqsa Mosque Library" in #Jerusalem enters the #digital_era 

 Because of #Jewish #religious_books - U.S. court went to #Russia final ultimatum

Destroy copies of the diary #Anne_Frank in Libraries various parts of #Japan - See more at:

 Destroy copies of the diary #Anne_Frank in Libraries various parts of #Japan

Because of #Jewish #religious_books - U.S. court went to #Russia final ultimatum - See more at:
"Al-aqsa Mosque Library" in #Jerusalem enters the #digital_era - See more at:
"Al-aqsa Mosque Library" in #Jerusalem enters the #digital_era - See more at:
"Al-aqsa Mosque Library" in #Jerusalem enters the #digital_era - See more at:
"Al-aqsa Mosque Library" in #Jerusalem enters the #digital_era - See more at: