5 thousand visitors to the mobile library in "Jubail"

festival Banner

Mobile library has attracted Jubail Spring Festival about 5 thousand reader of festival visitors.
the mobile Library Public Relations Officer "Abdullah Alkatiri" was explained by noting that the library keep track of the King Abdulaziz Public Library in Riyadh and it is a part of a national project to renew the relevant book and provide an opportunity for all segments of society to take advantage of library services and events varied in the forefront of public awareness of the importance of reading and the definition of its benefits at all levels and to contribute to creating a cultural environment for reading among all segments of society.

Alkatiri added that the library contains three thousand books, pointing out that the majority of visitors to the library from women and children In addition to the reading tables and chairs jammed by the public, that requiring to open a list of waiting and booking.

Alkatiri stressed that the mobile library designed to provide the book and view it in remote areas or that do not have public libraries as well as public participation in festivals and public events and the library consists of (bookshelves , benches for readers , corner video for children) aimed at promoting the culture of the child and the attachment to the book also organizes the library a variety of contests for adults and kids to raise awareness in different areas of life is reflected on the cognitive development and upgrading of the intellectual community.

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