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Boothes communication primitive overburden Berlin

Old phones pose Booths deployed in the streets of the German capital "Berlin" a significant burden on the municipality of the city .. after it became futile in light of the spread of technology to use mobile phones.

The German telecommunications company «Deutsche Telekom» announced for a new initiative to take advantage of those boothes.

There are close to the Berlin site contains about 3 thousand stall Old phones mostly gray or pink and their ranges between 300 to 400 Euros (415-550 dollars).

The Booths old phones are often converted to small libraries or outlets for the sale of the plants.

Video : you can now create Arabic ebooks without programming experience !!

"vijua" for software announced the launch of an application to create interactive electronic books in Arabic across smart devices whether operating system "Android" or iOS.

"vijua" launched name "Kotobee" on the application interface, which is available to use in the Arabic language .. and offers to the user a set of tools to create books can interact with the content more than one way.

"Ayman Abdul-Rahman" Director General of the company "vijua" commented on the interaction provided by the books made through the application of "Kotobee" ... saying: "We don't mean to interactive open external windows through the pages of the book, but we mean to interact with elements within the page itself".

Abdul-Rahman added that among the elements of the interaction provided by "Kotobee" (three-dimensional objects, video clips, music, pictures performances, and animated characters).

The user can through "…