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Why France Dislikes Libraries

The first step of the French campaign against Algeria was to burn the library of Algeria, which contains hundreds of thousands of books. During the confrontations with Prince Abdelkader, they burned his library twice, in which hundreds of precious manuscripts went. In an attempt to understand this colonial determination, the issue of the Algerian archives in France immediately comes to mind. And many elements combine to form the intellectual psychological background that controls the French colonial mind.

In an urgent reading of a book of facts and documents about PrinceAbdul Qadir al-Jazairi, which was compiled and discussed by the granddaughter of Prince Badia al-Hassani, a resident of Damascus, she discovered the size of the forgery, which was overseen by the French establishment and its agents to distort the prince's image with many fabricated accounts of the Prince's reputation. To drop its icon. In the same misleading context, dozens of false accounts of the Algerian rev…