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Saudi Arabia approves a project for the organization of electronic publishing and blogging

the Ministry of Culture and Information, Saudi Arabia announced that it adopted the regulation of the activity of electronic publishing that has been approved after the addition of this activity to a system of Press and Publication approved by Royal Decree No. M / 32 and the date of 3/9/1421 AH.

The news agency quoted the Saudi spokesman of the Ministry of Culture and Information, Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Hazza, the regulation came in the 20 articles found mechanisms to deal with the activities of electronic publishing of all kinds, including online journals, forums, and blogs.

He added that among the articles of the Regulations describes the material forms of electronic publishing and licensed to its conditions and other electronic forms that can be recorded.

In conclusion, the spokesman of the Ministry of Culture and Information statement that the field is open to any suggestions or amendments to this regulation in accordance with the powers granted to the Minister of Culture and…

Launch the first phase of «electronic encyclopedia of Aeronautics»

Launched the Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation of the General Authority of Civil Aviation electronic encyclopedia of Aeronautics aimed at development and increase awareness and professional education, Launched encyclopedia Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi, Director General of Civil Aviation, in the presence of the staff of the General Authority of Civil Aviation.

The "electronic encyclopedia of Aeronautics," Center for e-learning contains information, documentaries, audio and video educational Private aviation, has been gathered from sources, specialized, and provides electronic library references different to all the staff of the Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation, which serve as a reference of knowledge and an education they have, they can through the acquisition of knowledge .

The aim of the Commission through the launch of the library to increase awareness and education career of their own importance in spreading the culture of self-learning and e-staff.

Library classified into several parts so…

Abu Dhabi Exhibition of the book launch the program on science and knowledge for children

Announced the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2012, organized by the Abu Dhabi Authority for Tourism and Culture, announced the launch of children's program for science and knowledge of events within the corner creativity in the exhibition, and as fall within the strategy aimed at targeting and harnessing the talents of children in the age group between 6 and 12 years, and by providing program meets the essential needs of children including those with special needs.

Will include the corner creativity in session 22 of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, a variety of activities meet all the needs of children, including people with special needs, and organizing workshops of specialized stretch during the show, in addition to providing an interpreter for sign language to ensure maximum utilization of the program, and promote interaction category young people with special needs with these activities and events.

This initiative seeks to support children who suffer with the problems o…

University of Damascus, development of it skills in the search for electronic information

Brought to the workshop «search skills of electronic information» organized by the Directorates of scientific research and the libraries at the University of Damascus light on how to search for electronic information and access to scientific information and research libraries and electronic database and how to promote it among researchers and those interested in scientific research at the university in order to disseminate culture of research and electronic publishing.

The workshop which was attended by about 40 librarians and 20 others representing the people of scientific research university in the framework of a project to improve the capacity and the development of skills of workers in scientific research.

Dr. Mohammed Amer Mardini President of the University that the workshop comes within the framework of creating the infrastructure of the university where the research will be held three workshops in this other context.

Turn, Dr Fathi Ghanameh director of scientific research at the …

Foundations to achieve the texts: an intensive training course

The Institute of Arabic manuscripts in Cairo, an intensive training course titled "Foundations of achieving texts", in the period from April 14 to 19, 2012 at the Institute of Arab Research and Studies - Branch Dokki, Cairo. This course is booted, outlining the process of investigation in the 30 hours of training, including theoretical lectures and "workshops" applied, and lectures in which a group of professors and investigators specialists.

Idea:Left the older generation of investigators, and filled the world heritage (investigator), but an ongoing investigation on a new way, not - certainly - the way those adults, or close to it. If we sought the excuse that the investigators (new) do not have the knowledge, the petition is contained in the splitting process of investigation, a splitting method which should be adhered to by the investigator, and derived by considering the tests first, since this method can rise much investigation to a level not pr…

Launched by the Arab Thought Foundation .. To serve the Arabic language: Arab project 21 to uphold the value of reading and urged efforts on the strategic complementarity of roles

Launched the Arab Thought Foundation in Beirut "campaign in Arabic," to encourage reading in Arabic, to meet an expanded meeting in the Phoenicia Hotel, under the auspices of King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology Inc. "Aramco" Arabia, and the presence of the ministers of education in all of Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt, and activists in the organizations civil society and NGOs, and specialists in the field of reading, and interested members of civil society, representatives of Arab publishing houses, writers, graphic artists, librarians, educators and experts, professors and coordinators of programs in Arabic.
Has opened the Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab Thought Foundation, Dr. Munira Al naheed overseeing the project, the meeting confirmed that the draft "Arab 21" reflects our vision and our hope in finding an educated Arab modern unable to communicate the right and to think in Arabic and used as a language of thought and scie…

The oldest Arabic manuscripts in the libraries of the world

Manuscripts are considered one of the most important humanitarian and a wealth of intellectual production sources of all the peoples of the earth, and  by the invention of writing, began the era of miracles from drilling in rock and inscription on the walls and if the writing is the foundation stone in humanity.

The print was the next stop and the third leg is the information technology.

Over time, the manuscripts become more vulnerable to extinction or annihilation or damage, especially in light of the difficulty saved in appropriate places and the poverty of the accuracy of the optimum way to deal with them.

From that grew the idea of ​​establishing a network of Arabic manuscripts to preserve the wealth of knowledge of Arabic manuscripts and make them available to the largest number of beneficiaries and students has been coordinated between the Center for Information and Decision Support the Council of Ministers (Egypt) and many of those who acquired this wealth of manuscripts for many…

National Library: a project repository memory Sudan

International Hall - University of Science and Technology Forum Technology Systems Scientific Monthly Thirty-second, a seminar entitled: Draft National Library repository for the production of memory Sudanese intellectual, cultural, scientific, where he presented a documentary film about the emergence and development of the University of Science and Technology and its achievements.
The session was attended by a gathering of professors Forum University of Science and Technology and its Board of Directors, headed by Major General Abdul Aziz, Secretary, Chairman of the University and His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Jamal Mohammed Ibrahim, professor at the University poet password Duleep grandchildren and a number of people interested in libraries and information.

Initially welcomed Dr. Mubarak Bashir - Secretary of the Scientific Affairs University and is responsible for Forum attendees, explaining the goal of the Forum's monthly University on issues of scientific and cult…

Older libraries Sudan complain of deprivation

Dust covers a number of books forgotten for fifty years may be on the shelves in the library of "Sudan Book Shop", which opened its doors 110 years ago.

It can take three weeks without selling a book and one of them, it says Library Director-General Mohamed Tayeb Abdel Rahman, who engaged in this profession for decades.

But the closure of the library dating back to 110 years and which is believed to Abdul Rahman as the oldest in the Sudan, "In Africa, perhaps" is not an option.

Said Abdul Rahman, "It's a popular place," explaining that many people say to him, "Please do your best to prevent the closure of the library."

Located "Sudan Book Shop" in a small street in the center of Khartoum is full of waste, and reflect a "culture of books," which originated in the colonial British and Egyptian In the years following independence after 1956, what he says of Ali Abdullah Ibrahim.

Ibrahim adds "It's sad too,…

Prince Mohammed bin Nasser opens second exhibition of the book at the University of Jazan

His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz, the importance of young people in achieving the aspirations and hopes at this stage that call for creation of physical, mental and cognitive burdens of their responsibilities for the future, and they Inhlon of a particular scientific Jazan University in the academic environment.

This came during the opening of his second exhibition of the book, which hosted and sponsored by the University of Jazan represented by the Deanship of Library Affairs at the University's senior management yesterday morning.

His Highness also launched electronic library of the Academy students and academic library of the Faculty of Science at the University City to join to ten libraries distributed to all provinces of the region under the direct supervision of the Central Library Deanship of Library Affairs in accordance with IT systems and advanced software.

The tour around the exhibition and expressed his pleasure with a witness in …