Baghdad University, recommends the need to build sophisticated systems libraries in Iraqi universities

Central Library at the University of Baghdad, recommended the need to build advanced systems in the classification .. archiving .. restructuring and reorganization in the university libraries of Iraq, which serves as the movement of scientific research.

This came in a scientific symposium organized by the Central Library at the university in cooperation with the House of Memory for publication and distribution according to director of media department at the university president, Dr. Imran Kazem.

He said the seminar, titled (computerization of libraries), dealt with three themes are the focus of the importance of computerization of the libraries, and the focus of planning for the computerization of the library, and the axis of selection of suitable software.

He noted that the axes on which the symposium will give a clear picture of the systems developed and libraries that contribute to the provision of services to researchers as soon as time and less effort, through the use of modern technologies.

Imran pointed out that the computerization of libraries seminar, which lasted for three days came in implementation of the decisions of the workshop held in Beirut for the development of university libraries in Iraq.

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