Foundations to achieve the texts: an intensive training course

The Institute of Arabic manuscripts in Cairo, an intensive training course titled "Foundations of achieving texts", in the period from April 14 to 19, 2012 at the Institute of Arab Research and Studies - Branch Dokki, Cairo. This course is booted, outlining the process of investigation in the 30 hours of training, including theoretical lectures and "workshops" applied, and lectures in which a group of professors and investigators specialists.

  • Idea:
Left the older generation of investigators, and filled the world heritage (investigator), but an ongoing investigation on a new way, not - certainly - the way those adults, or close to it. If we sought the excuse that the investigators (new) do not have the knowledge, the petition is contained in the splitting process of investigation, a splitting method which should be adhered to by the investigator, and derived by considering the tests first, since this method can rise much investigation to a level not provoke, Prior to that, does not spoil the texts and distorted.

Institute begins a series of sessions of this course combines theoretical lectures and "workshops", Applied and look at the "investigation" as a holistic process start thinking in the selection of the text, and ends directed in a printed book. With the ultimate goal to achieve the rehabilitation of the texts as a high-level scientific work, not an act of the second degree.

Is a cycle of rising on the idea of ​​aggregate (summed up the process of investigation in six days) and overall not necessarily mean the boot, which will be followed by - God willing - the sessions stop at the vocabulary of the investigation process, hoping that establish this system training adoption of those who attended by serious "investigators" are able to deal with the provisions of the heritage and serve.

  • Time and place:
14 to 19 April 2012

The headquarters of the Institute of Arab Research and Studies - Branch Dokki - Cairo

  • Duration and number of hours:
6 days30 hours of training:20 hours of theoretical lectures10 hours of workshop training

  • Beneficiaries:
- Interested in issues of heritage and manuscripts.- Specialists manuscript libraries and information centers.- Graduate researchers.- Investigators texts.

  • Notes:
- Notes for the session, paper and digital special theoretical side, distributed during the session and was followed. 

- At End of the session after receipt of a certificate authenticated by the Institute, according to cross training program for the session, provided that the presence 
of 70% of the lecture session.  
- Deadline for registration: 01/04/2012.- Primacy of priority registration and agree vocabulary curriculum vitae of the professional course or subject of the session and its objectives, and will choose from among the applicants and report accepted.

 - Send a party or trainee who wants to enroll in a message to the e-mail:, stating a desire to join the session, detailed Trainee Name in full, and job title, and the body of it, and resume focused, and means of contact (telephone, mobile, fax and e-mail ), specifying the method of payment of expenses, either in cash or bank transfer at the expense of the Institute National Bank of Egypt (the main branch - Cairo) - No. 11,014,090,297 (of dollars) 01041197077 (Egyptian pound).

  • Expenditures:
Assume the mission of the trainee, or who wants to join:- Travel and accommodation expenses.- The expenses of the session and its statement:

Candidates institutions in the State Headquarters: 600 LE
Individuals and scholars in the State Headquarters: 300 LE
Candidates in institutions other than the State Headquarters: U.S. $ 600
Individuals and scholars in other than the State Headquarters: U.S. $ 300

The Institute offers (5) grants to attend the session, are available to individual researchers who limit their capacity to bear the financial expenses. The grant is limited to the costs of enrollment without travel or residence. This requires Send CV explaining the relationship theme of the session to study or work or scientific interest, and related scientific production or post, indicating the requirement calling for the grant application.

  • Teachers:
- Dr. Ayman Fouad Sayed: Director of the Center to achieve text-Azhar. 
- Dr. Right field: Professor of literature and criticism, Faculty of Dar El-Ulum, Cairo University. 
- Dr. Abdul Sattar Halwaji: Professor of Library and Information Science, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University. 
- Dr. Faisal Alhvian: Program Coordinator Institute of Arabic manuscripts in Cairo. 
- Dr. Kamal Arafat Nabhan: Professor of Library and Information Science, and Dean of Libraries at the University of Egypt Science and Technology.
- Dr. Mohammed Jamal Saqr: as Professor and Prosody, Faculty of Dar El-Ulum, Cairo University. 
- Dr. Mr. Mohammed Algelind: Professor of Islamic Philosophy, Faculty of Dar Al Uloom, University of Cairo.
- Dr. Mahmoud Masri: Director of Library Endowment Aleppo. 

  • Preparation ((workshops)) and to participate in its implementation and the organizing committee to It:
- Islam Mustafa: Researcher at the Institute of Arabic manuscripts in Cairo.- Tamer Jabali: Researcher at the Institute of Arabic manuscripts in Cairo.- Mahmoud Zaki: Researcher at the Institute of Arabic manuscripts in Cairo. 

  • Supervisor of the session:
D. Faisal Alhvian: Program Coordinator Institute of Arabic manuscripts in Cairo.

  • Course topics:
· The investigation: the term authenticity, Scientific· 
Aware of the investigation and its schools· 
Culture and ethics investigator·
Heritage: terrain and forms of writing·
Selection of text (starting points, steps, foundations)·
Documentation of the text (internal authentication, external authentication)·
Find copies (collection, evaluation, coding)·
The scientific study of the copies (the general principles, the way deficiencies)·
Exploratory readings of the text (the traditions of copies, it features the line, indications of symbols)·
The process of copying and the corresponding (process measures, differences)·
Edit text and adjust it (restoration, impoverishment, Settings)·
Comment on the text (graduation, authentication, link)·
Provide the text (author, book, described versions)·
Examination of the text (the context of the author, thematic context, historical context, budgets, guidance and criticism)·
Text indexing (indexing methods, types of indexes, arranged, problems)·
Sources and references (print, electronic)·
"Workshops" Training

  • Contact and inquiry:
Phone: 5/3/0020237616402 
Fax: 0020237616401 
Mail: PO. With 87 Dokki - Cairo 
Headquarters: 21 El Medina - Engineers - Cairo 
E-mail sessions: 

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