Launch the first phase of «electronic encyclopedia of Aeronautics»

Launched the Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation of the General Authority of Civil Aviation electronic encyclopedia of Aeronautics aimed at development and increase awareness and professional education, Launched encyclopedia Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi, Director General of Civil Aviation, in the presence of the staff of the General Authority of Civil Aviation.

The "electronic encyclopedia of Aeronautics," Center for e-learning contains information, documentaries, audio and video educational Private aviation, has been gathered from sources, specialized, and provides electronic library references different to all the staff of the Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation, which serve as a reference of knowledge and an education they have, they can through the acquisition of knowledge .

The aim of the Commission through the launch of the library to increase awareness and education career of their own importance in spreading the culture of self-learning and e-staff.

Library classified into several parts so that they are familiar with all information pertaining to aviation in general and aviation in particular, and divided according to the alphabet to make it easier for browser Will be completing the work in the library of electronic in several stages, with completion of the first phase recently, and included the preparation of the library, and divided into six parts: air traffic management, management of aeronautical information, a special section to communications, navigation and surveillance, a special section to training, another special quality and safety , and the latter is divided into five parts, special topics of social, technical and scientific, as well as aviation wa scheduled to be equipped with other stages in the coming period, it will be including converting the "Encyclopedia of aviation" to the website until it is easier to use and obtain the necessary information from which the any time.

He Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi said that, the goal of encyclopedia is the development of the employees who work inside the Sheikh Zayed Aeronautics and increase the awareness and experience, stressing that it will be used in the coming period on a larger scale so as to be available at places other private aviation such as the General Authority of Civil Aviation and aviation organizations within the state.

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