Launched by the Arab Thought Foundation .. To serve the Arabic language: Arab project 21 to uphold the value of reading and urged efforts on the strategic complementarity of roles

Launched the Arab Thought Foundation in Beirut "campaign in Arabic," to encourage reading in Arabic, to meet an expanded meeting in the Phoenicia Hotel, under the auspices of King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology Inc. "Aramco" Arabia, and the presence of the ministers of education in all of Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt, and activists in the organizations civil society and NGOs, and specialists in the field of reading, and interested members of civil society, representatives of Arab publishing houses, writers, graphic artists, librarians, educators and experts, professors and coordinators of programs in Arabic.
Has opened the Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab Thought Foundation, Dr. Munira Al naheed overseeing the project, the meeting confirmed that the draft "Arab 21" reflects our vision and our hope in finding an educated Arab modern unable to communicate the right and to think in Arabic and used as a language of thought and science and religion, literature and identity in the Horn of atheist twenty .. Noting that the meeting comes after more than two years of hard work by the technical team based on the project, has been crowned this effort, the achievements of science, including the "Arab regime 21 for the classification of books children's literature" and quality standards for children's books for different age groups and levels of literacy.
She explained that the initiative campaign "Arabic" is to encourage reading in Arabic among children in the Arab world, which is within the framework of participatory solidarity that works "Arab 21" which, in the belief it is impossible to develop a working vision and goal individually .. Emphasizing the importance of partnerships held by the institution with the parties we are proud of and active in the field of children's literature and the book industry for Arab children .. And that it provides successful experiences of cooperation between those concerned and interested in the development of learning and teaching Arabic and activists in the promotion of reading in more than a dozen Arab countries .. Concluding her speech by thanking the participants and sponsors of the initiative, led by King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology Inc. "Aramco" Saudi Arabia.

It also gave the Secretary General of the Arab Thought Foundation, Dr. Abdel Moneim Suleiman transfer the word of thanks and appreciation of His Royal Highness Prince Khalid Al Faisal, Chairman of the Arab Thought Foundation's sponsors and participants in the meeting .. Stressing that it is not possible to separate reading about the educational system nor the educational system of family or even from the economic climate, reading is the start and the premise and basis, from here the leverage the value of reading in the Arab world requires necessarily unite all efforts and mobilize roles all, but this was the project " Arab 21 "which is supervised by Dr. Al naheed and give it every effort, is one of the initiatives given by the Arab Thought Foundation special attention.

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