Prince Mohammed bin Nasser opens second exhibition of the book at the University of Jazan

His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz, the importance of young people in achieving the aspirations and hopes at this stage that call for creation of physical, mental and cognitive burdens of their responsibilities for the future, and they Inhlon of a particular scientific Jazan University in the academic environment.

This came during the opening of his second exhibition of the book, which hosted and sponsored by the University of Jazan represented by the Deanship of Library Affairs at the University's senior management yesterday morning.

His Highness also launched electronic library of the Academy students and academic library of the Faculty of Science at the University City to join to ten libraries distributed to all provinces of the region under the direct supervision of the Central Library Deanship of Library Affairs in accordance with IT systems and advanced software.

The tour around the exhibition and expressed his pleasure with a witness in the wings of the Book Fair, which is met by many publishing houses and libraries of known and prestigious.

And the Prince that the University contribute to this exhibition in the payment of the citizen and citizenship toward reading and knowledge solemn owners of libraries opened branches in the region to encourage people to read and to acquire from the fountains of knowledge and knowledge of different in time become the information available and accessible by everyone, which will provide a good opportunity to pick and focus to establish a knowledge benefit from it in the future.

Have addressed the university at the ceremony rhetoric which has been prepared for the occasion, Dean of Library Affairs Dr. Hussein bin Hamad Dgrira confirmed through the exhibition reflects the ambition which is not very to its borders and which has become an attribute he believes all employees and Mnsupac University, and seek to achieve in all that carrying out of Mnasht, programs and events.

Explained Aldgrira that the exhibition space of up to 3000 m 2 and with the participation of more than 76 publishing houses and scientific bodies and research, government and universities in Saudi Arabia, he said, adding that the exhibition of all the gathering of knowledge a beacon of scientific culture that benefits all segments of society for the duration of his stay, which continues until the eighth of next month with a number of events associated.

Dr. Aldgrira explanation about the e-library complex academic students in Jizan and the Library of the Faculty of Science University City launched by His Highness the Emir of the region, stressing that have been commissioned with the latest technical equipment and sources of modern information and provided each one of them with the latest sources of knowledge and paper and electronic Rbtta automatically the Central Library in the University, and Each library of libraries containing more than 140 thousand books and a folder-mail and more than 35 global database containing millions of books, periodicals and research in all aspects of the global science and knowledge.

As Dr Aldgrira the human out of the draft Central Library of the University in the University City project cost of up to 80 million riyals, indicating that the number of libraries sponsored by the Deanship of Library Affairs eleven library are spread in all provinces of the region in addition to the libraries new will be opened, close to her library college health specialized in medical sciences and later the largest in the region.

At the end of the ceremony made a gift of Jazan University is a comprehensive encyclopedia Saudi Arabia in 20 volumes by the Under Deanship of Library Affairs Dr. Nasser bin Mohammed al-Hazmi.

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