Saudi team wins patents in image processing and text

Received a research team from Saudi King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, a patent from the U.S. Patent Office in the development of a system and ways to get to know the Arabic text by extracting distinctive features from Google Docs.

Include innovative way convert a line of Arabic characters to digital format to form a matrix of pixels two-dimensional, and then is split line Arabic characters to several lines of images, and is determined by a group of cells in one of the lines of images to include every cell on a set of pixels adjacent, and yet That set the value of serial for each pixel in the group of cells in the lines of images to generate the number of bilateral cells, and then generate distinctive factors of the text according to the number of bilateral cells obtained from a group of cells in one of the lines of images, following the introduction of factors characteristic of the text in the Markov model is hidden and that to identify the line of Arabic letters.

The first of the current patent product of the research team, which included more than thirty patents in both the EPO and Japan, the Gulf and Saudi Arabia, in addition to the American Bureau.

This is a tributary of the output King Abdullah Initiative for Arabic content, which aims to enhance the digital Arabic content production and use to support development and transition to a knowledge society and the preservation of Arab and Islamic identity.

Team comprised of Dr. Muhammad Khurshid and Dr. Hussein Khalid Al-Omari and Alfaifi Hazmi and Khalid.

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