University of Damascus, development of it skills in the search for electronic information

Brought to the workshop «search skills of electronic information» organized by the Directorates of scientific research and the libraries at the University of Damascus light on how to search for electronic information and access to scientific information and research libraries and electronic database and how to promote it among researchers and those interested in scientific research at the university in order to disseminate culture of research and electronic publishing.

The workshop which was attended by about 40 librarians and 20 others representing the people of scientific research university in the framework of a project to improve the capacity and the development of skills of workers in scientific research.

Dr. Mohammed Amer Mardini President of the University that the workshop comes within the framework of creating the infrastructure of the university where the research will be held three workshops in this other context.

Turn, Dr Fathi Ghanameh director of scientific research at the university that the privacy of the workshop is the application of scientific information and how to invest research and how to access the information base for electronic libraries with which it shares the university.

He noted Dr. Zuhair low Director libraries the university that the course aims to upgrade the skills of researchers and those interested in the university on how to search for information, particularly electronic information, pointing out that the University is working to hold workshops other professors of colleges and institutes the university contribute to the dissemination of culture and electronic mechanisms to search for information and what the electronic libraries of electronic scientific information and research for researchers and those interested in scientific research.

The workshop included lectures by specialists, researchers and representatives of the participating companies on the mechanisms of the search for such information and explanations about the rules of the global data and evaluation and how to promote these rules through guidance and training.

The project involves improving the capacity and the development of skills of workers in scientific research three main aims to develop extensive training programs continue to researchers at the university in the areas of use of electronic databases and registration and the adoption of patents and scientific writing to assist researchers and to develop mechanisms honoring suit their impact scientific and intensify scientific meetings between researchers at the university and the owners of Events corresponding to the different economic specializations in order to strengthen the link between the university and the community and improve the return on research done in the university.

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