Bibliomania or obsession with collecting books,, Is it a sign of madness?

bibliomania symptoms may start from a young age without any observation, and the first signs of the disease begin to feel joy and pleasure when you watch any book

And quickly turn it into a desire to acquire and read any book of any kind ..... The advanced stage of it are characterised by a desire to collect as much of the books just for the assembly, assuming the possibility of making use of them in one day , As well as those who collect newspapers or magazines!! To take advantage of them one day!

bibliomania symptoms :

1 - bibliomanian that burned down his house the first thing that rescued him think of his books.

2 - bibliomanian be at the top of his delight when one attends book fairs, or even heard of its establishment in another city.

3 - bibliomanian man wearing eyeglasses necessarily, headache and a chronic inability to leave a good book at the right time.

4 - bibliomanian does not have a bank account because he can not palm of his hand for any new book, even if the language does not know!

5 - always find him trying to convince himself that if necessary, sell the surplus, but in fact does not accept even loaned.

6 - bibliomanian real does not remember the dates of his marriage, but he remembers the date and circumstances of the purchase of any book he owned.

It was said of the owners of this disease: if infected bibliomania distinguished from other deep their love for books, they love the shape and smell and voice their pages as they are highly exaggerated fear They fear it from water and fire,and children tampering.

Examples of patients bibliomania :

Stephen Blumberg: More convicted of stealing $ 20 million for the purchase of books.
Thomas suffers from bibliomania. After his death, discovered that he owned more than 160,000 books and manuscripts.

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