"Masdar Institute," is hosting a workshop on the latest library services

"Masdar Institute of Science and Technology", the academic institution's research postgraduate focused on energy technologies developed and sustainable development, announced today that it hosted the introductory workshop on the professional services advanced by "Wi-BP of library services", which is the relevant section Academic Affairs in the group of Baker End Taylor for publication.

Witnessed the event at the Institute for the source of the presence of approximately 25 officials representing academic and research libraries of universities and colleges across the UAE. Included a workshop to provide an overview of the services provided by the "Wi-BP" for libraries, academic and research, and during which also demos provided by some local libraries that depend on the services, "Wi-BP" in the areas of building groups and their development, and technical services, in order to simplify the conduct of their .

The workshop started with a tour of the campus of the Masdar Institute, during which he briefed the visitors on various aspects of sustainability and academic programs and outreach initiatives, as well as research projects that are being worked on at the Institute of source. Following the tour, joined by Dr. Joseph Czech, deputy director of the Masdar Institute, to the meeting where he presented them with an overview of programs and initiatives offered by the Institute.

He welcomed Dr. Abdullah Alhvia, chairman of the directors of academic libraries and research institutions in the UAE and the Masdar Institute Director of the Library, the attendees and provided an overview of the facilities currently available to students and faculty at the Institute. The Institute is linked to the source of virtually cooperation with the "Wi-BP" to get the books, and build collections in innovative ways, as happened to the electronic database services (Gobi).

Dr. Alhvia "technology has become an integral part of the publishing industry, which requires of academic libraries and research to stay abreast of the latest developments through cooperation with each other. Though our cooperation with the Wi-BP for library services will give us access to dozens of books and magazines that contain the latest information relevant to the activities of academic and research work by students and faculty at the Institute. We are also delighted to host this event, which included representatives from many libraries across the UAE. and turn with great thanks and gratitude to the leadership of the UAE for their support us in the continuing development of integrated resources allow us to exchange information with the community. "

33 local library in the UAE currently dependend on services "Wi-BP" to simplify the conduct of their, of which 23 are active library heavily on the level of technical services.

The Wi-BP library services for a world leader in meeting the needs of libraries and their unions in building collections and technical services. It also offers books and collections management services and technical services to academic and research libraries and private all over the world. The highlights of this global event, a presentation on the database (Gobi) - the most comprehensive database for the management and construction groups in the "Wi-BP."

Constitute the "Gobi" a great help to many academic libraries and research institutions and private around the world, providing a sophisticated system for the management and development groups in the libraries, and provides information services, and selection, application, reporting, through a database of more than four million books, including 500 thousand e-book publishers and book collectors.

Provides the Masdar Institute, which was established in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for his students tremendous opportunities in various fields of scientific research, from theory and applied research and post commercialization. The aim of the Institute, through what it offers modern facilities for research and development in the field of clean technology, to contribute to support economic diversification in the country through the development of technical innovations and the preparation of the necessary human resources. The Institute is committed to teaching through his staff and his students distinguished specialist, finding solutions to the challenges of clean energy and climate change.

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