Mishaal Library hosts 135 thousand E-book

Founded the Deanship of Library Affairs Central Library at the University of Najran in 1428, which consists in its first phase of the two roles the first is dedicated to foreign books and lab of the Internet and a loan of self and security gates, periodicals, digital library and databases, while the allocated second round of the Arabic books and offices of the Dean.

May prefer Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah inaugurated the opening of the library and digital library databases. On the proposal of the Rector and the approval of His Highness has named Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah, the library in appreciation and recognition from the university to the efforts of His Highness continued to support her career.

the Dean and the Library of Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah enjoy unlimited support from the director of university .. the library including approximately 13 thousand Arab and foreign title by 80 thousand volumes in the various scientific disciplines and the latest versions of the role of global and local publishing.

Aware of the University of the importance of access to sources of electronic information in various forms and make them accessible to faculty members, researchers and students at the stage of Master's and Bachelor's and Diploma the university has provided for its employees more than 135 thousand e-book, and that through the participation of the university in the national project for the digital library, which is the largest gathering of e-books and academic in the Arab world.

As the Deanship of Library Affairs jointly in 36 base global information such as "Springer", "Science Direct", "Medline Index" and others.

Covers those rules informatics all scientific disciplines and include tens of thousands of papers published in periodicals and journals, as has become the digital library and electronic databases are available to employees of the university through the site Deanship of Library Affairs and can now each researcher browse, search, copy, save, whether from the office or home or any elsewhere.

Based library cataloging and classification of the scientific principles codified internationally, and can search for items of information through the online catalog available on the site of the university to the Internet using the Symphony is an integrated system for all library operations technical and administrative, Deanship is looking on Library Affairs to implement the plans for the future through draw up an annual plan from which to make the library Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah reference library containing more than a million books.

Among the tasks entrusted to the Dean is responsible for overseeing and participating in international exhibitions and local, such as the International Exhibition for Higher Education held each year under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education, Riyadh International Book Fair held each year is also under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Information, as well as local exhibitions organized in the region of Najran.

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