Scientific Forum on "The educational role of librarians and information specialists in the knowledge age", organized by the Public Libraries Department reviews the role of librarians

Was opened by His Excellency the Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage, Dr Hamad bin Abdulaziz Al Kuwari in March 25, Sunday 2012 Scientific Forum on "The educational role of librarians and information specialists in the knowledge age", organized by Public Libraries - QNL.

For his part, Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage in a speech to the Forum is part of the cultural tasks undertaken by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, which is implemented through its various departments.

He added that the selection of management of public libraries to the subject of this forum and invite librarians and information specialists to participate in it, due to the general direction of the Ministry of Culture to raise the cultural level and professional staff in the institutions of the information in the state and especially the libraries, this comes within the general framework of the policy of the State of Qatar to invest in human capital, which is the prime mover in the development process and progress.

He pointed out that the forum is considered a model to pursue integration of the library in all walks of life, pointing out that the role of education and education for the library remained over the centuries leading role played by the library of any place in the school or university, or district, or any of the institutions. He concluded by saying that science and knowledge of the secretariat of your hands in circles your work, you are the keepers of science and culture that stored by the printed pages and digital, is no doubt that this trust receipt to you need to preserve it and follow the latest ways to deliver them to whoever needs it at the right time, and perhaps this is why Ministry of Culture to adopt the theme of this Forum to improve the performance of library and information professionals to reflect this development on the performance of the libraries to remain a beacon of science, culture and knowledge.

Said Mr. Abdullah Al Ansari, Director of Public Libraries - QNL that the meeting is one of management activities directed at librarians and information specialists and aims to shed light on the Evolving Role of libraries and information centers and how those who made it out the tasks entrusted to the library to engage in the era of knowledge, and participate in this Forum about 95 librarians and information specialists working in about 50 library and information center in the State of Qatar, and vary libraries represented in this forum between public libraries, specialized and school and university in addition to the National Library of Qatar and hold the forum in the period of 25:29-3-2012 from 6 - 9 pm Oryx Rotana Hotel.

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