Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Algeria inaugurates Library Cultural Attaché

the Saudi ambassador to Algeria Dr. Sami bin Abdullah Saleh has Opened the Library Cultural Attaché, Embassy of Kingdom in the Algerian capital, attended by heads offices , employees of the embassy , cultural Attaché officials , a number of intellectuals men of thought and literature, and academics Algerians.

Ambassador prepared the library as a way station of effort the cultural efforts of the Embassy of the Kingdom and a step in the area of ​​support for cultural cooperation between the two countries and a connecting link between them, emphasizing the determination of the embassy to enrich the library in various kinds of books, scientific, cultural, literary and historical in order to become a center of scientific and cultural reflects the keenness of the Embassy's service culture including helping to achieve the integration of knowledge between the Republic of Algeria and Saudi Arabia.

He praised the achievements of cultural to the Kingdom within and outside the country, stressing that the care in this area is vital and strategic, stem from religion, which calls for reading and learning and the desire of the guardians, as it seeks leadership in the Kingdom to give priority to the sector of culture and science by encouraging planners of the Education and education.

He expressed satisfaction with the positive reactions that followed this event important to the cultural center of the educated class and the staff of the Embassy Cultural Attaché and Saudi Arabia school in Algeria.

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