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Resource Description and Access (RDA)

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Cybrarians scientific conference on “Cataloging Rules in the 21th century RDA”


On the first of April 2013, a new history of cataloging rules will be started. Resources Description and Access (RDA) will be applied officially by major libraries in America and Europe; RDA will be applied after a period of experimental work. RDA was launched after cooperative efforts of major organizations in the global library community.

This conference aiming at leading the Arab library community to involve in the new history of cataloging. The conference will discuss very important issues related to RDA and challenges that face the Arab library community. Translation issues of RDA will be deeply discussed. The conference will also discover the changes between AACR2 and RDA on bibliographic records and authority files.
Main topics
1.    The theory and philosophy of RDA.
2.    Translation issues, and challenges of application in Arab libraries.
3.    RDA for descriptive cataloging.
4.    Authorities files in RDA.

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departure owner of "Arabism House" .. Khalid Abdul Karim Juma

Khalid Abdul Karim Juma

Announce the death yesterday morning writer Dr. Khalid Abdul Karim Juma ... Who dedicated his life in service to literature and publishing and creativity, as it was his fruitful efforts in the field of cash in Kuwait.

He served late membership of the Board of Directors of the Association of Kuwaiti writers, in a lot of sessions, also left an important cultural legacy in various fields of intellectual literary and cultural.

Late born in 1946, and worked as a lecturer at Kuwait University, and earned a doctorate at the University of Cairo in Arabic, and he practiced teaching in the Department of English at the University of Kuwait.

Also served as director of the Institute of Arabic Manuscripts of the Arab Organization for Education, Science and Culture, and was based in Kuwait in 1982 until 1986.

Association chaired faculty members at the University of Kuwait in 1984 until 1990. It is also the owner of Dar Arabism for publication and distribution.
And a member of the Association of Writers Kuwait since 1970, also served editor of the magazine «statement» for two years from 1997 until 1999, and a member of the Scientific Advisory Board at the University of Kuwait, and the Commission to encourage literature Kuwaiti of the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters, and the Oversight Committee on Publications in the Ministry media.

Of his books and his work in the field of investigation: the book «explanation provided Mahsph», investigation and study, the first part in 1975, and the second part in 1976, and «Tombstone hair in the book Sebojh», investigation and study, 1980, and report on the status of Arabic manuscripts in Nigeria 1985, and the book «pay vilification on the issue of recitations for the resettlement, achieved in conjunction with another 1987, and many important works that have influenced the Arab library a lot of important books.

Alexandria Library hosts Conference of the Arab Publishers Union today and tomorrow

Library of Alexandria

Alexandria Library is experiencing its second conference of the Arab Publishers Union which continues to work for two days under the title: "enable knowledge and the challenges of the Arab publishing industry".

Assem Shalaby "head of the Arab Publishers Union" said :the conference which is held jointly by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and the Library of Alexandria and a federal Arab and Egyptian publishers represents an important point to emphasize the importance of the book industry in the Arab world".

Participants in the conference the International Publishers Association board and a number of Arab Ministers of Culture as well as a number of writers and thinkers and specialists in print and directed the book as well as many of the specialists in the libraries in the Arab world.

According to Dr. Khaled Azab "head of the project at the Library of Alexandria" that the library will announce support Somali National Library and the University of Mogadishu by a campaign to collect thousands of books, pointing out that the library is hosting this event for its commitment to support the publishing industry and knowledge in the Arab countries.

He added that there are issues related to the book industry either output or distribution, printing or digital book in need of discussions involving the authors with book-makers.

It is scheduled to participate in the conference by representatives of the International Publishers Association and participants from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria.

He added that the themes of the conference are :
  • the media and enable knowledge.
  • public libraries and the development of the book industry.
  • the future of digital publishing and selling via the Internet.
  • the development of industry shows Arabic books.
  • freedom of publication as a pillar for the development of the publishing industry.
  • intellectual property rights and piracy of books.
  • the problems of translation and publishing industry.

List of libraries in Europe (2)

Latvia :

Latvia University
Latvian Academic Library

Lithuania :

Vilnius University

The Netherlands :

University libraries

Delft University of Technology Library
Dutch Union Catalogue of Agricultural Books and Periodicals (Agralin)
Eindhoven University of Technology Library
Erasmus University of Rotterdam Library
Free University of Amsterdam Library
Nijenrode University Library
University of Amsterdam Library
University of Groningen Library
University of Leiden Library
University of Maastricht Library
University of Nijmegen Library
University of Tilburg Library
University of Twente Library
University of Utrecht Library
Wageningen Agricultural University Library

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Rotterdam Polytechnic (HR&O) Library
Utrecht College of Higher Education Library
Zeeland Polytechnic Library

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Catholic Documentation Centre (Dutch)
Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science CWI Library
Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland (ECN) (Dutch)
FASO-bibliotheek (Dutch)
KNMI Library
Library of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschappen Library (Dutch)
Nationaal Brandweer Documentatie Centrum(Dutch)
National Library of the Netherlands

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Central Catalogue of public libraries in Overijssel
Delft Public Library (Dutch)
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Zeeuwse Bibliotheek Middelburg

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Karolinska Institute
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Universitaet Köln
Universit tsbibliothek Leipzig
Die Deutsche Bibliothek, Leipzig
Passau University Library
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Rostock University Library
Siegen University Library
Weimar University Library
Worms (FH Rheinland-Pfalz, Abteilung Worms) (zur Zeit keine Informationen)

Iceland :

National Library of Iceland

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National Library of Ireland
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Library, University College Dublin

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Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

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Astronomical Observatory of Trieste
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Oxford University librarian sacked for allowing students to dance in library

An Oxford University librarian has lost her job after students filmed themselves doing the latest dance craze on her watch.

Calypso Nash, 23, was dismissed from St Hilda’s College after a video that shows students noisily performing a ‘Harlem Shake’ in the college library appeared on YouTube.

The dance became an internet sensation last month when five Australian teenagers posted online footage of themselves gyrating to a song of the same name, by US artiste DJ Baauer.

A petition has now been started by students, and the culprits, to have the librarian reinstated as she was ‘not in the position to stop it’.

Ms Nash was working there that night but had nothing to do with organising the event and had not been asked if it could go ahead.

In the video, posted on YouTube, a group of around 30 students are shown studying quietly in the grand surroundings of St Hilda’s.

Then a youngster dressed as an American footballer is seen dancing before the film cuts to all the students doing the Harlem Shake craze in fancy dress.

Another is dressed as a member of the jailed Russian pop group Pussy Riot, while others donned horses heads, a furry badger costume or appeared as weight lifters and a skier.

Some were seen dancing in the library aisles, while others were seen standing on chairs and on tables.

However, the 30-second long video clip, which has had more than 5,000 views, has sparked outrage amongst the senior staff members of the 120-year-old Oxford University College.

All the students who had been identified as taking part in the video have been fined by the Dean.

Librarian and graduate student Calypso Nash was sacked for not preventing the Harlem Shake taking place.

Oxford University said: “This is a matter for St Hilda’s College, they say they do not wish to make a comment at this time.”

Today students want Miss Nash back in her job as she just happened to be there at the time and are also calling for the fines to be rescinded as they shot the video late at night as not to disturb anyone studying.

At St Hilda’s Junior Common Room weekly meeting, students passed a motion calling for the immediate reinstatement of the librarian.

As a result of the vote the JCR president Esther Gosling is to “ask for a written reason for the decision from the Head Librarian, and also to bring the matter to the attention of the governing body, calling in the strongest terms for Calypso to be rehired.”

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

King Abdulaziz Library poses the initiative to cooperate with the Arab Publishers Union in electronic publishing

deputy general supervisor of the King Abdulaziz Public Library in Riyadh Dr. Abdulkarim Al-Zaid Search ways of cooperation between the library and the Arab Publishers Union in the field of electronic publishing and digital library services in order to achieve the best use of information and communication technologies in the service of Arab culture and dissemination of knowledge, to facilitate access to students and researchers References in all scientific disciplines.

Dr. Abdulkarim Al-Zaid during his meeting with a delegation that included 25 members of the members of the Arab Publishers Union headed by Prime Arab Publishers Union "Asim Shalabi" during their visit to the library yesterday posed a number of areas of cooperation on techniques of electronic publishing and digital library services and readiness library to distribute versions of publishing houses Union member in support of Arab Culture with publishers retaining full members of the Union the right to ask their versions of books through various distribution outlets.

"Zaid" pointed out that electronic publishing offers many of the costs incurred by the publisher in the printing process .. it also provides great opportunities to get the book to several categories of readers as well as its importance in eliminating the phenomenon of piracy and assault on intellectual property rights.

The members of the delegation of the Arab Publishers Union welcomed the collaboration with the King Abdulaziz Library in the field of electronic publishing and marketing digitally through the development of the work program in accordance with the memorandum of understanding between the Union and the library.

The delegation members expressed their admiration for the programs and projects King Abdul Aziz Library .. in the forefront of the draft Arab Union Catalog which provides a valuable service to the Arab library .. also expressed admiration for the library holdings of the treasures of knowledge.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Opening exposed to the Jordanian family library versions

Opened at the International Islamic University and the Orthodox Club vulnerable versions of Jordanian family library which a continuation of the approach of the Ministry of Culture in the dissemination of knowledge and raising community awareness.

The Secretary General of the Ministry "Mamoun Talhouni" said the ministry has been the establishment of such exhibitions in various universities and schools to show versions of this library and other versions of the ministry at competitive prices symbolic, accessible by the reader, pointing out that the price of the book for adults 35 piasters and the children's book 25 piasters.

He added that the versions of the library include content cognitively diverse and distinct in various fields of human knowledge .. noting that the ministry during the coming period will establish a number of other such exhibitions in various Jordanian national institutions.

The club administration Orthodox readiness to cooperate with the Ministry of Culture and provide the necessary facilities for the use of the club rooms for exhibitions family library and other various ministry activities.

launch "Alrubie" library on YouTube


On the fifth anniversary of the death of "Dr. Ahmed alrubie (December 1949 - March 2008) " (famous Kuwaiti politician) on March 5, announced his son "Tariq alrubie" from his headquarters in London for the establishment of a private channel library of alrubie video's on YouTube.

Channel is documenting the stations of his life between personal interviews and meetings space, seminars and (collections Monday) in addition to the popular videos delegations during the invasion.

Archive not only documenting lives of alrubie, But an important stage of the history of political work in Kuwait.
Channel Details :

Address :

Content : To this moment uploading more than 53 video and being raising videos on a weekly basis.

Tariq alrubie called owns of any additional archival material especially with Dr. Ahmad alrubie to communicate via e-mail:


$ 19 million sales of Riyadh Book Fair

Concluded Riyadh International Book Fair its activities with sales of 71 million and 645 thousand riyals (about $ 19 million) while the number of visitors since it opened ten days ago about two million and four hundred thousand visitors according to the Department of the exhibition.

the exhibition in its current session which ended on Friday Witness the biggest gathering of publishers and exhibitors, agencies and authorities compared to previous years. 32 countries participated including the Arab states and more than 970 houses hand in the exhibition.

present in the corridors of the exhibition over 250 thousand paper title and more than one million and two hundred thousand electronic title after expanded exhibition space for last year up additional lounge includes 105 suites.

The guest honor of this year "the Kingdom of Morocco" and participated elite of senior intellectuals who have an influential presence in the Arab and internationally cultural scene. Came guest area of ​​about 130 square meters of about a thousand titles and with the participation of 12 publishing houses.

Participated in this year new publishing houses amounting to 790 .. in addition to the added space for the exhibition which provided post 260 additional publishing house for the past year.

In contrast to previous years Outweigh the female presence on the men in exhibition galleries and surprised a lot of exhibitors who used to come to Riyadh to attend gallery thick women by definition books displayed in various forms including those exposed to Arab and regional issues.

The area of freedom is greater during the session as noted by many of the visitors .. was Under-secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Information for Cultural Affairs "Nasser Hejailan" said "not a book banned but what is agreed on prevention such as books pirated and copied or violating the fundamentals of religion."

The versions that address Saudi affairs and politics and history more supply and demand, including the book "Wahhabism .. shirk and cracked tribe" Saudi writer "Khalid al-Dakhil" the much-it demand and sold within two days 1500 copies: a notation in the history of "the Wahhabi movement" and "the emergence of the Saudi state "outside the framework of the official version approved for this date.

As many demand and attendance to sign the book " no compulsion in national" Saudi writer Dr. Ziad Al-Drees
Permanent Representative of the Kingdom to UNESCO .. the book deals with the ambiguous relationship between religion and the homeland. the book was published for the Arab Cultural Center in Beirut and Casablanca.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

"Marib" : Statistical Observatory of Arabic digital content


"Marib" is Statistical database of digital content Arab web project undertaken by the Arab Thought Foundation, during which the collection, compilation and analysis of Arabic content on the Internet based on a sample unprecedented exceeded twenty million units analysis, one of the largest samples used in the analysis of digital content in general and digital Arabic Content in particular.

it's also of projects and systems leading track and monitor attempts to enrich Arabic content and e-content from various Arab and foreign countries, it provide the results through statistical database for digital content Arab which includes Subject Classification and produces lists topics and issues which discussed by the Arabic content making classification this content reality and not targets are pursued in particular that classification .. indexing and analysis through statistical database, which includes all tracks published the Arabic content on the Internet. It includes social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, forums and mailing lists, YouTube and Flickr and blogs that provide them with the database framework enters Arab bloggers and other forms of blogging in Arabic.

The database provides statistical Arabic digital content image describing detailed and revealing of the state of the Arabic content "as is" without starting from any assumptions or biases or prejudices. it Has been investigating the greatest accuracy in each step of building and operating base to ensure that every result displays the system based on the solid ground of data and statistics. This has required to pass all withdrawals classification and analysis cycles repeated development of mechanisms of action audits of the numbers and test results until it reaches system work all to a level of maturity that it may be assured of the safety of the system in terms of scientific theory and procedurally.

Specializes base mainly in research in statistical information digital content Arab and retrieval in the form of graphics and statistical tables , search , and retrieval through five paths can use any of them individually or use any of them as a starting point for research and other criteria subset of retrieval and
the five tracks are:

  • The historic track :
This track displays historical data for Arabic content materials posted on the Internet and dissemination channels, since the beginning of his appearance in the year 1995 and until December 31 of the year 2011.

  • Geographical track :
Displays geographical data for the site which originated channel publishing units used with content and publication channels, and at the state level, which declares the owner content it belongs, inside and outside the Arab world, as well as the content that did not mention the name of the country that produced it.

  • substantive track :
Was it rated material units Arabic content according to the tree classification objective includes 439 subcategories distributed on 8 main categories .. namely: education, scientific research, politics and law, culture, economy, humanitarian issues social, media and communication, and security military issues.

  • Technical track :
Is a compilation of data describing the state of the art for DAC units, which covers data describing the quality of the content, size and infrastructure on which they run channel publication.

  • Publishing Track :
The data is collected from publishing channel which through to broadcast and publish digital content units Arab on the Internet, which sites and blogs and forums and mailing lists, Facebook and Twitter counterparts and image networks and video networks.

It Has been building the base through new creations and unprecedented in two areas: first, the matrix analysis key used, and the methodology used in their construction, and how it work, and in the identification of data describing each unit analysis entered the study, and how to use it in the construction of indicators explain described the case of content,then go out and analyze statistical results, the second is a series of software packages and mathematical algorithms used in the tracking, monitoring and automated classification of millions of units of analysis.

Provide the base its image current services pioneer and unprecedented for researchers and workers in the field studies Arabic content, and planners and policy-makers on the Internet in the Arab world, and through the contents of indicators and measurement standards to provide input unprecedented for investors who wish to identify opportunities to work Arabic content, as well as providing important indicators for those interested in advertising, promotion and marketing on the Internet, as well as those interested in work-commerce and e-business.

Establish the base in its various aspects, foundations and preliminary data needed to build an observatory momentary or semi momentary case of DAC on the Internet from different aspects, then move on after that stage of research and presentation of statistical, to search and display the content itself stands, and various forms, which puts the nucleus first Arabic search engine giant with all sense of the word.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cloud services for various companies: reality and expectations

recently large spread use of the term cloud computing, especially as many have become go to cloud services as substitutes for the services available in computers.

Before entering into talking about those services they have to know meaning of "Cloud Computing", where it is known that the term refers to the sources and computer systems available to users through the Internet and is working to provide services computer integrated without compliance with existing resources on the computer-machine in order to make it easier for the user.

"Cloud services" provide to users many of the functions without the need to be met on a personal computer and features this service has many advantages that make many users resort to them, even if some of its services for amount of money , the most prominent features of these services come on the following:

  • Access to services and resources from any computer without the need for the user to carry all information all the time.
  • Data storage and backup services through cloud safer than stored on computers and the possibility of exposure devices to damage or theft. The cloud services are located on servers within the corporate giants and reliable specializes providing these services.
  • Reduce the cost to the users by providing alternatives for different applications on your computer and reduce storage space.
  • Cloud services are not needed for the maintenance and follow-up, this is the responsibility of the service provider company and not the responsibility of the user.
  • Participatory increase in the data between users, so that they can be more than one user to share the same data file or modify a particular file at the same time.
  • Encryption process also provides additional protection for the data if the company had submitted to cloud storage services to shut down servers or put up for sale.

As a simple example on this, let's take Google Docs service, that you have an email account for "Gmail" then you are practically one cloud service users.Because you benefit from the service provided to you free of charge, without heed to the back of this service from thousands of servers and connections and software engineers who make sure that all of this materiel is functioning properly, you can through the service lift any file on the service navigation anywhere else and on any computer-various effortlessly navigate your computerized.

In a world network engineers use the form cloud to simplify and characterization Infrastructure complex, the separation between the infrastructure that may include dozens or hundreds or thousands of servers, routers, and network equipment and software, and between external devices that interact with this infrastructure (cloud), as if a single entity. These external devices may be a computer, phone, or tablet.


All these features and the growing appetite of the users by making companies compete to enter the market cloud services, where indicated firm (IDC) global research to the high number of decision makers specialists to information technology who are working to learn and study in an integrated manner on appropriate cloud computing at its best in their facilities.

Also company specialized in market research and advisory services and special events markets information and communication technology and consumer technology revealed that cloud computing achieved widespread important in the world to a degree the acquisition of interest in the technology industry and the business community, which is likely having accepted large the CEOs of information technology.

Gartner Inc. also predicts that public cloud services market is witnessing in the Middle East and North Africa, strong growth in 2013 revenues to reach U.S. $ 462.3 million representing a growth of 24.5% compared with 2012. Projections also indicated that the growth rate of the public cloud services market in 2012 in the Middle East and North Africa will be 13.4% to $ 371.2 million compared with U.S. $ 110 billion globally.

Matthias Hovistadt, cloud computing expert at the University of Hannover, Germany .. explained through a report published by the University during the beginning of 2011, that if the user has made some folders available to friends and family members, the process of synchronizing data are even among multiple users. And about the advantages of this method Hovistadt says : "You can do post video clips recorded by smartphone or photos summer holidays quickly and easily."

Florian Lippert from Centers Association Consumer Protection Germany believes that along with the company's reputation provided to serve the storage cloud and fame should the user interested in knowing the company's headquarters and sites servers around the world, where he said: should exercise the utmost caution when dealing with companies based in the United States-based ; because these companies have under U.S. law to allow data stored on its servers to U.S. security authorities.

Applications need cloud internet connection where affect dropout online enables you to perform your job, but companies are starting to redressing this matter thanks to some modern technologies such as HTML 5 and JavaScript, where it was possible to build Web applications can work without an Internet connection, then do synchronize when Contact, but we still need more time to develop these applications and technologies larger.

As examples of some of the simple applications among hundreds of thousands of cloud applications and services that provide the user and the most famous include:
  • E-mail services: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail
  • Cloud storage services: Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive
  • Cloud music services: Google Music, Amazon Cloud Player, iTunes / iCloud
  • Cloud applications: Google Docs, Photoshop Express
  • Cloud operating systems: Google Chrome OS, Jolicloud

Despite all these advantages of cloud services for various companies, but that there is a range of defects is not avoided so far the most prominent the following:

  • Companies have under U.S. law to allow data stored on its servers to U.S. security authorities.
  • When the user secure the arrival of the data stored on the Internet by a password not safe and was advised of the need not to use cloud computing services to store confidential information.
  • Large volumes of data such as movies need to take a long time to load on the Internet despite the use of high-speed Internet connections compared to store data on a USB flash units which data is transferred to it in just a few minutes.
  • Available storage space free cloud computing services are usually limited.

Although views on the cloud services is characterized as generally positive, it is not expected surge adoption actual significantly unless maturation level and scope of services and to become service providers are able to deal with the concerns felt by clients on data security and service level agreement-sand aspects of responsibility and accountability.

Increasing turnout at the international book fair in Riyadh

Riyadh International Book fair Witness appetite significantly 

The third day of Riyadh International Book fair influx of large numbers of visitors ability of the organizers of the exhibition including more than 30 thousand visitors, which coincided with the third day of the exhibition on the weekend in Saudi Arabia.

Dr.Ahmed Khadr head of the media committee of the exhibition explained that the large numbers of visitors exceeded the expectations of the organizers, explaining that he had been by the organizing committees and working exhibition to facilitate the flow of those numbers by organizing them entry and exit through the gates of the exhibition.

In a related context pointed Khadr to be the headquarters of the agency Ministry of Culture and Information in Riyadh International Book saw a large turnout of visitors, where they attended a large number of them to get copies of free books distributed by the ministry to visitors, pointing out that it exceeded 6 thousand book varied between specialized books novels and story, poetry and art.

To recent statistics revealed the number of those who follow the official book fair ID on Twitter to the 22 thousand follower after less than two days to the opening of an exhibition Riyadh International Book Fair.

Explained statistical that 90% of the followers of the account from Saudi Arabia, followed by the United States to 5.30%, and despite the fact that the special account exhibition has been allocated for transport news about the exhibition and its officials, however, enjoyed the interaction level responses to replies followers 40 response per 100 note, from account.

The Ministry of Culture and Information formed its own team of new media to monitor and disseminate news, exhibition in social networking sites and via new communication technologies, which is one of the new media services launched by the ministry Book Fair this year.

On the other hand opened Dr. Ziad Aldrees Vice President of the Executive Council of the Organization UNESCO and the Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, yesterday evening gallery rotate the book «put your book and take the last one» which involved reading club at King Saud University in Riyadh International Book Fair.

The Reading Club is a voluntary initiatives offered by the students of the University of King Saud to develop communication with the book and promote awareness of its significance, underscoring based on the club that it's idea beyond the familiar to communication between ground enthusiasts and reading locally.

Noteworthy that this review is the second Reading Club at the Riyadh International Exhibition of the book, where increased rotated books among the visitors to the exhibition in the past year about 3,000 books.

In a related matter received book «You ugly this morning» Saudi writer Dr. Fahad Al-Orabi Al-Harthy remarkable turnout of women in the Book Fair 2013.The supervisor of the wing Asbar Foundation for Studies and Research and the media, that the forty first edition of the book was the share of women in terms of attracting headline attention and asking about its content.

The book includes a series of short stories for more than 19 story of variety led by «You ugly this morning » which storyteller talked about war time in Paris, and how to lose this city beauty amid the smoke and flames.

Monday, March 4, 2013

A cooperation agreement between the Jordanian National Library and the E-Library of IMF

Jordanian National Library signed with the Library of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and electronic access to the program for research development and innovation (ARDI) agreement for the exchange of information to make them available to researchers and those interested on the department's website where it became available for free to library visitors from the date of signing the agreement.

Director General of the Department of National Library researcher "Mohammed Abbadi" stressed on the importance of these agreements, which will contribute to bridge the knowledge gap and the ease of obtaining student and a Jordanian researcher on the information and create the capacity to cope with human knowledge.

Abadi added that : the agreement comes in the context of promoting the concept of the knowledge economy to create a real opportunity for the student with limited income to get the information free of charge through the brief him on the most important sites of the international publishing houses, browse titles magazines, publishing houses and research mission to take advantage of the vast amount of information available to library visitors-national as well as information and statistical facts and figures provided important the IMF site.

National Library has received -according to al-Abadi- an offer from the International Monetary Fund to join the library custodial affiliate where the provision of publications all electronically and free of charge to libraries national in developing countries and countries in the process of growth in order to benefit from these publications and to allow the citizens of the countries access to the content library Fund .. as a deposit Library to the IMF .. have universal access and electronic to various Statistics and publications databases to pumped it free to the National Library.

Also, according to al-Abadi .. the information that can be provided by electronic library of the (IMF) include :

  • globalization- development- trade and technical assistant- emerging markets- poverty reduction and other information.
  • As well as the International Financial Statistics- the balance of payments statistics- direction of trade statistics- government finance statistics- statistical yearbooks.
  • Analytical books and papers such as: conference papers- reports of States- dictionaries- special editions- booklets- worksheets.
  • Periodicals and reports: reports about the global economy such as: Global Financial Stability Report- the annual report on the exchange- control of public finances.
  • The activities of the International Monetary Fund such as: the annual report of the Governing Council- Journal of Finance and Development- reports of independent evaluation offices and the texts of the Convention and regulations.
  • The program is about access for research development and innovation (ARDI).

Abadi said: The program of access to research for development and creativity is a program run by the World Organization of Intellectual Property in cooperation with the scientific magazine publishers and technological content providers. It aims to facilitate the provision of scientific and technological information to patent offices, local academic and research institutions to promote creativity, innovation and encourage the use of industrial property rights in developing countries and the least developed countries.

On the importance of the program added Abbadi that the number of publishers shareholders in the project 17 publishers .. who make available electronic access to approximately (10,000) magazine, book, and a reference to a hundred and seven developing countries through the signing of a license between publishers (and their representatives where the World Intellectual Property Organization) and licensed user (IPOs / national Library) this is done through the use of login name and password private library.

Riyadh Book Fair starts with 250 thousand title

Starts next Tuesday "exhibition Riyadh International Book Fair" organized by the Ministry of Culture and Information Under the auspices of the King "Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud" and Continue until the fifth month of March at the headquarters of the fairgrounds in Riyadh.

The exhibition features more than a million e-mail address .. 250 thousand paper address book and honors within its activities leading media Saudis deceased.

The Riyadh International Book Fair Is one of the largest cultural festivals in Saudi Arabia, where has more than two million visitors a year who are interested to buy books and to participate in the cultural program accompanying the exhibition.

The Ministry of Culture and Information is keen to show the exhibition every year in style and satisfy all parties love of literature, culture and science.

Under-secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Information for Cultural Affairs, General Supervisor of the exhibition Dr. "Nasser Bin Saleh Hejailan" Explained that the Cultural Committee of the exhibition approved naming corridors Riyadh International Book of the 32 corridor names pioneers media Saudis deceased .. noting that it was decided naming the main corridor of the exhibition on behalf of Prince "Turki bin Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz" in fulfilment of the Ministry of culture and Information to these media for what their Senior media Services Saudi media during their march.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

"Publishing industry" Conference at the Library of Alexandria

Arab Publishers Union organizes an international conference on March 23 in the Library of Alexandria looking the challenges of the book publishing industry in the presence of officials and specialists from 11 Arab countries.

head of Arab Publishers Union "Assem Shalaby" said in Saturday at a news conference in Cairo that the conference will be held under the title "enable knowledge and challenges the Arab publishing", with the participation of : Egyptian Ministry of Culture,the Bibliotheca Alexandria,federal publishers Arabs and Egyptians,IPA, with a number of ministers of culture and specialists Arabs in the book industry.

The conference lasts two days .. where representatives IPA and participants from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt will discuss several issues including :
  1. intellectual property rights and piracy books.
  2. problems of translation and publishing industry.
  3. media and enable knowledge.
  4. public libraries and the development of the book industry.
  5. the future of digital publishing.
  6. online sales.
  7. the development of the Arab book fairs industry.
  8. freedom of publication as a pillar for the development of industry.