"Marib" : Statistical Observatory of Arabic digital content


"Marib" is Statistical database of digital content Arab web project undertaken by the Arab Thought Foundation, during which the collection, compilation and analysis of Arabic content on the Internet based on a sample unprecedented exceeded twenty million units analysis, one of the largest samples used in the analysis of digital content in general and digital Arabic Content in particular.

it's also of projects and systems leading track and monitor attempts to enrich Arabic content and e-content from various Arab and foreign countries, it provide the results through statistical database for digital content Arab which includes Subject Classification and produces lists topics and issues which discussed by the Arabic content making classification this content reality and not targets are pursued in particular that classification .. indexing and analysis through statistical database, which includes all tracks published the Arabic content on the Internet. It includes social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, forums and mailing lists, YouTube and Flickr and blogs that provide them with the database framework enters Arab bloggers and other forms of blogging in Arabic.

The database provides statistical Arabic digital content image describing detailed and revealing of the state of the Arabic content "as is" without starting from any assumptions or biases or prejudices. it Has been investigating the greatest accuracy in each step of building and operating base to ensure that every result displays the system based on the solid ground of data and statistics. This has required to pass all withdrawals classification and analysis cycles repeated development of mechanisms of action audits of the numbers and test results until it reaches system work all to a level of maturity that it may be assured of the safety of the system in terms of scientific theory and procedurally.

Specializes base mainly in research in statistical information digital content Arab and retrieval in the form of graphics and statistical tables , search , and retrieval through five paths can use any of them individually or use any of them as a starting point for research and other criteria subset of retrieval and
the five tracks are:

  • The historic track :
This track displays historical data for Arabic content materials posted on the Internet and dissemination channels, since the beginning of his appearance in the year 1995 and until December 31 of the year 2011.

  • Geographical track :
Displays geographical data for the site which originated channel publishing units used with content and publication channels, and at the state level, which declares the owner content it belongs, inside and outside the Arab world, as well as the content that did not mention the name of the country that produced it.

  • substantive track :
Was it rated material units Arabic content according to the tree classification objective includes 439 subcategories distributed on 8 main categories .. namely: education, scientific research, politics and law, culture, economy, humanitarian issues social, media and communication, and security military issues.

  • Technical track :
Is a compilation of data describing the state of the art for DAC units, which covers data describing the quality of the content, size and infrastructure on which they run channel publication.

  • Publishing Track :
The data is collected from publishing channel which through to broadcast and publish digital content units Arab on the Internet, which sites and blogs and forums and mailing lists, Facebook and Twitter counterparts and image networks and video networks.

It Has been building the base through new creations and unprecedented in two areas: first, the matrix analysis key used, and the methodology used in their construction, and how it work, and in the identification of data describing each unit analysis entered the study, and how to use it in the construction of indicators explain described the case of content,then go out and analyze statistical results, the second is a series of software packages and mathematical algorithms used in the tracking, monitoring and automated classification of millions of units of analysis.

Provide the base its image current services pioneer and unprecedented for researchers and workers in the field studies Arabic content, and planners and policy-makers on the Internet in the Arab world, and through the contents of indicators and measurement standards to provide input unprecedented for investors who wish to identify opportunities to work Arabic content, as well as providing important indicators for those interested in advertising, promotion and marketing on the Internet, as well as those interested in work-commerce and e-business.

Establish the base in its various aspects, foundations and preliminary data needed to build an observatory momentary or semi momentary case of DAC on the Internet from different aspects, then move on after that stage of research and presentation of statistical, to search and display the content itself stands, and various forms, which puts the nucleus first Arabic search engine giant with all sense of the word.


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