Alexandria Library hosts Conference of the Arab Publishers Union today and tomorrow

Library of Alexandria

Alexandria Library is experiencing its second conference of the Arab Publishers Union which continues to work for two days under the title: "enable knowledge and the challenges of the Arab publishing industry".

Assem Shalaby "head of the Arab Publishers Union" said :the conference which is held jointly by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and the Library of Alexandria and a federal Arab and Egyptian publishers represents an important point to emphasize the importance of the book industry in the Arab world".

Participants in the conference the International Publishers Association board and a number of Arab Ministers of Culture as well as a number of writers and thinkers and specialists in print and directed the book as well as many of the specialists in the libraries in the Arab world.

According to Dr. Khaled Azab "head of the project at the Library of Alexandria" that the library will announce support Somali National Library and the University of Mogadishu by a campaign to collect thousands of books, pointing out that the library is hosting this event for its commitment to support the publishing industry and knowledge in the Arab countries.

He added that there are issues related to the book industry either output or distribution, printing or digital book in need of discussions involving the authors with book-makers.

It is scheduled to participate in the conference by representatives of the International Publishers Association and participants from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria.

He added that the themes of the conference are :
  • the media and enable knowledge.
  • public libraries and the development of the book industry.
  • the future of digital publishing and selling via the Internet.
  • the development of industry shows Arabic books.
  • freedom of publication as a pillar for the development of the publishing industry.
  • intellectual property rights and piracy of books.
  • the problems of translation and publishing industry.

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