departure owner of "Arabism House" .. Khalid Abdul Karim Juma

Khalid Abdul Karim Juma

Announce the death yesterday morning writer Dr. Khalid Abdul Karim Juma ... Who dedicated his life in service to literature and publishing and creativity, as it was his fruitful efforts in the field of cash in Kuwait.

He served late membership of the Board of Directors of the Association of Kuwaiti writers, in a lot of sessions, also left an important cultural legacy in various fields of intellectual literary and cultural.

Late born in 1946, and worked as a lecturer at Kuwait University, and earned a doctorate at the University of Cairo in Arabic, and he practiced teaching in the Department of English at the University of Kuwait.

Also served as director of the Institute of Arabic Manuscripts of the Arab Organization for Education, Science and Culture, and was based in Kuwait in 1982 until 1986.

Association chaired faculty members at the University of Kuwait in 1984 until 1990. It is also the owner of Dar Arabism for publication and distribution.
And a member of the Association of Writers Kuwait since 1970, also served editor of the magazine «statement» for two years from 1997 until 1999, and a member of the Scientific Advisory Board at the University of Kuwait, and the Commission to encourage literature Kuwaiti of the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters, and the Oversight Committee on Publications in the Ministry media.

Of his books and his work in the field of investigation: the book «explanation provided Mahsph», investigation and study, the first part in 1975, and the second part in 1976, and «Tombstone hair in the book Sebojh», investigation and study, 1980, and report on the status of Arabic manuscripts in Nigeria 1985, and the book «pay vilification on the issue of recitations for the resettlement, achieved in conjunction with another 1987, and many important works that have influenced the Arab library a lot of important books.

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