King Abdulaziz Library poses the initiative to cooperate with the Arab Publishers Union in electronic publishing

deputy general supervisor of the King Abdulaziz Public Library in Riyadh Dr. Abdulkarim Al-Zaid Search ways of cooperation between the library and the Arab Publishers Union in the field of electronic publishing and digital library services in order to achieve the best use of information and communication technologies in the service of Arab culture and dissemination of knowledge, to facilitate access to students and researchers References in all scientific disciplines.

Dr. Abdulkarim Al-Zaid during his meeting with a delegation that included 25 members of the members of the Arab Publishers Union headed by Prime Arab Publishers Union "Asim Shalabi" during their visit to the library yesterday posed a number of areas of cooperation on techniques of electronic publishing and digital library services and readiness library to distribute versions of publishing houses Union member in support of Arab Culture with publishers retaining full members of the Union the right to ask their versions of books through various distribution outlets.

"Zaid" pointed out that electronic publishing offers many of the costs incurred by the publisher in the printing process .. it also provides great opportunities to get the book to several categories of readers as well as its importance in eliminating the phenomenon of piracy and assault on intellectual property rights.

The members of the delegation of the Arab Publishers Union welcomed the collaboration with the King Abdulaziz Library in the field of electronic publishing and marketing digitally through the development of the work program in accordance with the memorandum of understanding between the Union and the library.

The delegation members expressed their admiration for the programs and projects King Abdul Aziz Library .. in the forefront of the draft Arab Union Catalog which provides a valuable service to the Arab library .. also expressed admiration for the library holdings of the treasures of knowledge.

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