Opening exposed to the Jordanian family library versions

Opened at the International Islamic University and the Orthodox Club vulnerable versions of Jordanian family library which a continuation of the approach of the Ministry of Culture in the dissemination of knowledge and raising community awareness.

The Secretary General of the Ministry "Mamoun Talhouni" said the ministry has been the establishment of such exhibitions in various universities and schools to show versions of this library and other versions of the ministry at competitive prices symbolic, accessible by the reader, pointing out that the price of the book for adults 35 piasters and the children's book 25 piasters.

He added that the versions of the library include content cognitively diverse and distinct in various fields of human knowledge .. noting that the ministry during the coming period will establish a number of other such exhibitions in various Jordanian national institutions.

The club administration Orthodox readiness to cooperate with the Ministry of Culture and provide the necessary facilities for the use of the club rooms for exhibitions family library and other various ministry activities.

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