"Publishing industry" Conference at the Library of Alexandria

Arab Publishers Union organizes an international conference on March 23 in the Library of Alexandria looking the challenges of the book publishing industry in the presence of officials and specialists from 11 Arab countries.

head of Arab Publishers Union "Assem Shalaby" said in Saturday at a news conference in Cairo that the conference will be held under the title "enable knowledge and challenges the Arab publishing", with the participation of : Egyptian Ministry of Culture,the Bibliotheca Alexandria,federal publishers Arabs and Egyptians,IPA, with a number of ministers of culture and specialists Arabs in the book industry.

The conference lasts two days .. where representatives IPA and participants from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt will discuss several issues including :
  1. intellectual property rights and piracy books.
  2. problems of translation and publishing industry.
  3. media and enable knowledge.
  4. public libraries and the development of the book industry.
  5. the future of digital publishing.
  6. online sales.
  7. the development of the Arab book fairs industry.
  8. freedom of publication as a pillar for the development of industry.

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