35 thousand dollars to renovate the library "tourist" to confront extremism in Lebanon

Lebanese priest, who belongs to the Greek Orthodox "Ibrahim Suruj" trying to raise 35 thousand dollars worth of funding to rebuild the
"tourist" library famous Lebanese, which caught fire several weeks ago in order to update and re-buy rare books.

The fire resulted in damage to the library between a quarter and a third of the books in the "tourist library" in Tripoli, northern Lebanon, which is about 85 thousand books, according to press reports, including Islamic manuscripts dating back more than two centuries.

Exposed archaeological library, which has a 40-year-old market in the old town in the neighborhood of Sarai, to attack by people suspected of belonging to a militant Islamic currents. The incident led to provide a lot of support for Suruj, through help him on cleaning, donate books, and try to mobilize funding online to renew library.

Suruj said It's unexpected, but he feels as thrilled joined to help people of all religious backgrounds. Suruj Add: "It was a great source of joy for me, especially since this incident, brought together Muslims and Christians, particularly the clergy".

"Suruj" known as a popular figure in Tripoli's Sunni Muslim majority, and is known to devote very concept of coexistence and religious tolerance, especially the presence of Christian minorities and upper large in the city.

Tripoli has seen, which lies 30 kilometres from the Syrian border, sectarian violence and an increase in extremism over the past two years, including battles between supporters and opponents of the Syrian regime in Lebanon.

In the days leading up to the fire incident, Suruj mentioned he had received a threat  via text message, linked to rumors about the existence of a booklet insulting the Prophet was found inside one of the books in the library.

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