Adoption of new projects for the development of libraries of King Khalid University

A continuation of the ongoing development witnessed by the King Khalid University in order to develop the infrastructure for Public Libraries to provide all the support services for researchers and visitors recently been inserted second phase of the project indexing libraries King Khalid University and linked to processing within budget plan this year amount of 1,500,000 rials.

This project aims to modernize the infrastructure to keep pace with requirements of the times and increase the quality of service quality and quantity And facilitate access of researchers to vascular cognitive which will contribute to boost scientific research at the university and advancement, as it will allow employees of the university see the contents of the library without having to visit. Dr. Saeed Al-Khalidi dean of libraries Has stated that university libraries sub will see during the current year awarding of developmental projects multiple monitor has more than 1,200,000 rials, it will also be completed to connect all branch libraries electronically in the Central Library to enable researchers in the provinces of the region to take full advantage of the services of any library of various university libraries.

Al-Khaldi pointed out that the Central Library in university campus Algorer include more than 100 thousand titles, and related electronic to 52 base global information containing millions of titles Arab and foreign, It also has fed the library in the past year 2012/2013 about 7500 material between Arabic and foreign Books, periodicals and theses. Borrows are reveal the size of the library, which has active role in providing researchers and readers what they need from operations exceeded the books as Borrows in the last academic year 38,000 borrowed, took place on 75 316 books.

It is worth mentioning that the university libraries are not limited services to university students and employees, but extends to students who did not belong to the university and a large number of members of the community.

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