Destroy copies of the diary #Anne_Frank in Libraries various parts of #Japan


News reports said that hundreds of copies of the diary "Anne Frank" (child of Jewish victims of the Nazi Holocaust) have been destroyed in various libraries throughout Japan, the Simon Wiesenthal Center criticized the Jewish this incident and called for an investigation.

Library responsible have informed the police in Japan after the discovery of ripping several pages of at least 265 copies of the diary of Anne Frank, and other books relating to this personal in 31 library in Japan since last January.

Japanese government spokesman "Yoshihedy Suga" described the destroy of the books that had been placed on an open shelves , as the work of "an unfortunate and very shameful".

Prompted the incident the Simon Wiesenthal ( Center Jewish Defense of Human Rights, based in the United States) to call for an investigation into the incident.

Chief Rabbi "Abraham Cooper", an official of the center said "The geographical scope of these incidents suggests strongly that there is a systematic effort to desecration of the memory of a famous Jewish child killed by Nazis within 1.5 million Jewish children during the Holocaust World War II".

he add "I know through my visits to many of Japan that the character of Anne Frank studied and respected by millions of Japanese."

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