«Obeikan»: Libraries sales volume up to five billion annually

Administrator emphasized of Obeikan libraries Engineer "Mohamed Eid", that the book fairs in the Arab countries affected by political stability, citing the size of their sales in Cairo Exhibition 2014 which dropped by 75% from last year 2013, and they are working on the expansion of the GCC markets during the next five years, where he see the well retail market for libraries in the Kingdom .. After the arrived in the volume of sales to 5 billion annually.

In a meeting with journalists on the sidelines of the inauguration of Obeikan Book-store in its new branch in Dhahran Mall "Eid" anticipate to increase revenue this year to 200% in the six new branches to be opened in 2014, in the cities of Dhahran, Jeddah, Najran, Khamis and Batin. He said we have a 3000 book, and We are the most important publishers in the Arab world, but he came back and confirmed that the Obeikan libraries has turned to the digitization of 60%, reference that to the youth transformation in the Kingdom accounted for 70%.

Eid detect the presence of 70 thousand title will be available on smart applications, and readers can be found, especially a most of them published by us, this content (Arabic and English) will be available before the end of 2014.

Administrator emphasized confirmed that the chairman of Obeikan libraries "Dr. Fahd bin Abdulrahman Al-Obeikan" believes in partnership with public libraries affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Information, and they are working on this approach, pointing at the conclusion that the prices of publishing , the restrictions and the requirements are not the cause of the escape of the Saudi youth to publishing houses outside the Kingdom.

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