The smallest library in the world in Lisbon with more than 3,000 books within 4 meters

"Sao Cristovao Library" Baixa district, located in the Portuguese capital Lisbon classified as "the smallest library in the world", with an area of ​​3.8 square meters, and even though it has more than three thousand books.

Owner Library "Simao Carneiro" said in a statement "I do not know if it's a smaller place to sell books in the world or not, but it contains all the services available to grand libraries : a dedicated section for books discounted prices, Department of customers queries .. So it is possible to be smaller library incomplete Staff in the world ".

Carneiro (41 years) Explains that he had over a decade to compile thousands of books written in languages​​ : Portuguese, Spanish, English and even Chinese and Japanese.

Carneiro pointed out that he left his career as a teacher of chemistry, which at the age of 32 to devote himself to his passion, where he dreamed of managing a library in the ancient historical neighborhoods in Lisbon.

Carneiro search for a larger place to build the library, but he didn't find such a small space, without knowing that
"Sao Cristovao Library" will be achieve international fame thanks.

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