National Library of Iran sign memorandum of understanding with Foreign entities and local

National Library of Iran

A spokesman for documents Foundation and the National Library of Iran Announced that Iran signed a memorandum of understanding with 52 Foreign entities and 120 with local institutions; as well as bank up the receipt of a map of Iran dating back to the sixteenth century.

"Inayat salarian" emphasized on sign 52 a memorandum of understanding with the authorities; pointing out that it is usually the signing of one a memorandum every month with foreign countries, as well as an extension of the notes which ends on time.

He pointed to some of these notes and said that his organization has signed memorandums with the
national libraries of (Shanghai , Bruce German , South Korea , the Russian State Library , Tunisia  , Armenia , Poland, Ukraine , France , South Africa , tajikistan , the Vatican , the  Library of Congress and at last the British Library) he said that holding these notes contributes to the strengthening cultural links Where political relations play a role in this field in the base signature.

"Inayat" Focused on the presence of a lot of documents, manuscripts and books about Iran in the various countries of the world and said that if these documents were transferred to the home, this achievement will be considered as the best accomplishment achieved by this institution at all.

Note: This institution has signed since 2001 and so far 120 memorandum of understanding with local institutions, including cooperation in the field of restoration , preservation of the documents , the preparation of the electronic archive , numbered sources , establish forums and joint exhibitions.

Inayat explained that this institution is working to increase the bonds of cooperation with all institutions (centers of educational) (scientific committees) (ministries) through the signing of the memorandums of understanding with them.

He continued by saying that the duration of these notes are generally five years; It was the best of the memorandum that where signed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Where it was transferred from which eight thousand Iranian document from abroad to the systems of the institution.

Inayat was announced for awarding to the Foundation from Poland "a map of Iran back to the sixteenth century" in the midst of the international boycott against Iran .. which is considered a success and publicity for the country.

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