Occultation Tunis International Book Fair 2014

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Tunisian Minister of Culture on Friday said that "the Tunis International Book Fair 2014 will be cancelled its session this year for the first time" .. amid widespread criticism of the move.

"Murad Sicilian" culture minister, said at a news conference today «The decision not to organize an exhibition Tunis International Book Fair this year at the request of the Union of Tunisian publishers, especially in the absence of signs of success in the last session».

The Tunis International Book Fair which was founded 35 years ago among the largest exhibitions of Arab and annually attracts a large number of Arab and foreign publishers , hosts thinkers and innovators Arabs and foreign.

Murad Sicilian says «There is almost a consensus from all parties in the media and Publishers Association of Tunisian and Ministry of Culture on the lack of success of the previous session, so the agreement was signed to rethink a clear strategy to ensure success in the future».

He explained his decision «What is the point of organizing a demonstration will not succeed in the absence of a clear strategy and planning in advance, and in the absence of good preparations to ensure the provision of a success».

He Dependent «not important to organize cultural events for recording attendance only, but must have a signed real and contribute to create jobs so we are working on plans to restore the glow to the book fair until it gets to the radiation, and contribute to the promotion of the Tunisian book to make it universally».

the local media criticized the Culture Minister's decision and described him by some as minister of music not the minister of culture (in a reference to the musical that jurisdiction, and managed festivals including the Festival of Carthage).

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