#publishing_house "Brill" and #Bibliotheca_Alexandrina collaborate in boosting #Arabic_digitization

Arabic manuscript

Bibliotheca Alexandrina cooperated with the Dutch publishing house "Brill" in the establishment of a training workshop for the digitization of Arabic texts, the event took place in
Leiden, The Netherlands.

This collaboration came in the framework of celebration of House Brill for publication in
the 400th anniversary for the dissemination of the Arabic language ... it was chosen as the Bibliotheca Alexandrina to participate in the event for being a pioneer in the dissemination of Arabic content digitally and promotion for more than ten years and their experience of excellence in the field of digitization of Arabic texts.

Workshop brought together a number of participants from different countries such as Lebanon, Turkey, Tunisia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Russia in addition to the various libraries and institutes in Europe.

the participants Were informed during the workshop on the latest digitization techniques developed by Bibliotheca Alexandrina which include image processing and optical character recognition (OCR) of the Arabic texts through theoretical lectures and sessions for practical application.

This workshop is one of a group training workshops about the digitization of Arabic texts provided by Bibliotheca Alexandrina since 2007 to many partners as the University of Yale and the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) and the American University of Beirut (AUB).

The workshop is an extension of the Brill message persistent in spreading the Arabic language and culture of the Middle East since 1683 .. where Brill publishes hundreds of books and publications on the Middle East , Egypt and Islamic studies .. most notably the Islamic Encyclopedia and Middle East manuscripts on the Internet. For its part  Bibliotheca Alexandrina was keen to participate in this initiative which are in line with its mission to develop the Arabic digital content.

It is worth mentioning that the " Leiden University " was established in 1613 , which is one of the first headquarters for the dissemination of culture and the Arabic language in Europe .

Brill founded in 1683 in
Leiden, (The Netherlands). The Brill is a publishing international academic house leader in 20 area : Studies Islamic and Middle Eastern , Asian studies , history , language , linguistics , biology , and international law as well as many other areas.

The Brill currently through its offices in Leiden and Boston publishes 200 magazines and about 700 new books and reference every year whether in print or electronically.

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