"El Sawaf" calls the Arab Publishers Association for Relief Gaza libraries

Mr. Mustafa El Sawaf

"Mustafa El Sawaf" Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture ؛ called on the Arab Publishers Association of the need to move and contribute to support the libraries in Gaza Strip by participating in the campaign "Relief Gaza libraries" launched by the ministry, which aims to rebuild the libraries that were destroyed during the Israel aggression on the Gaza Strip and to provide them with books that enable them to return to fulfill its mandate which was established for.

This came through a letter sent Mr. Sawaf to sir. "Asem Shalaby" head of the Arab Publishers Association , where among the damage caused by the aggression and the sector, which affected on the libraries of all kinds.

Sawaf said: "Gaza subjected to barbaric aggression systematically lasted for 51 long days all walks of life and did not leave anything but influenced from stone .. trees and human beings , even the libraries had not been delivered from it".

Sawaf confirmed that the Israel occupation during the aggression on Gaza destroyed a large number of public libraries numbered seven libraries, including two libraries were totally demolished and five were partially destroyed, in addition to the destruction of more than 175 school library, and 85 private library in mosques and sports clubs.

He pointed out "the number of destroyed more than twenty thousand books, noting that among them (rare books , specialized and distinctive in several science and knowledge) most notably Books that chronicling the Palestinian cause.

Sawaf stressed that the damage inflicted on libraries will lead to a severe scarcity of information sources and references, which seriously affect on the educational process and the march of scientific research in Gaza Strip.

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