Qallaf: study asked the Department of Library and Information Science major discipline

Confirmed the Head of Library Science and Information Technology at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Dr. Charlene Qallaf, that the department is considering the planning department to put library and information science major discipline in the future.

It showed Qallaf that this needs to Study the job market needs at first to identify the required numbers and employment opportunities for graduates, noting that this trend is part of the strategic plan which is working on preparing the department and include the next five years, including with it the development of academic programs, scientific research and computer labs.

she pointed out that the department is currently working on development decisions speciality cushions by adding some courses related to information technology and social networking as well as evaluating newspaper graduated Master made ​​every five years by the arbitrator external coordination with the Faculty of Graduate Studies and in the light of the recommendations of the arbitrators outside is updated decisions of the programs Scholarships for master and shall be either add or cancel the decisions of the assignment.

The Qallaf return to the material received by the school director is considered modest and unattractive, denying the intention of section secondment of members of the faculty is currently due to the lack of need for that particular section is the assignment of some teachers' assistants who have the experience and competence, whether from inside or outside the university.

It also denied the existence of lack of faculty members pointed out that the number went up to 14 faculty members as there are a group of re-insurers missions have already been sent to the U.S. for a Ph.D., pointing out that section open speciality Information Studies supportive of all students in other colleges the university as of the current academic year, after developing the potential of either section of the faculty or laboratories.

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