«intelligent pistol » not only shoots but its owner

German company "Armatix" introduced in the U.S. market pistol shoots only if it was in the hands of its owner .. it depends on the technique used to identify or radio-frequency (RFID).

Launched on the pistol trade name (iP1) recognize its owner by wristwatch worn by the user and carries within RFID chip put the gun to standby for shoot when the distance between him and the watch does not exceed 25 centimeters.


The pistol becomes inactive automatically after leaving the distance to communicate with a wristwatch and and loss of radio signals. This is what happens in the case also recovered the gun from the hand of the owner  or the loss of the gun.

The idea of ​​safe weapons have been discussed for many years, and suggested that other techniques lead with purpose As supplying personal arms fingerprint scanner.

More Information In The Following Video :

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