Modern visual language Constitute the Saudi Pavilion in Abu Dhabi Book Fair 2014

Model shows the design of the Saudi Pavilion at the exhibition

Saudi cultural attaché in the UAE "Dr. Saleh Alsuhaibani" pointed out that the Kingdom's pavilion at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair This year will see a different design, pointing out that the pavilion will welcome visitors with the language of visual contemporary simulates the font and color in the form of bright where Don and wing design form book or encyclopedia .. that can be seen from all over the exhibition from the idea and philosophy that built them. Saudi Cultural Attaché in the UAE continues its preparations to highlight the Kingdom's participation in the 24th session of the exhibition, which kicks off next April 30 and lasts six days.

participates in the wing more than 25 governmental entity represented in institutions of higher education & technical and government libraries to highlight what the Kingdom have reached of scientific progress and civilization, as well as the definition of the world's some of cultural and scientific aspects in the Kingdom.

Alsuhaibani reported that the pavilion featuring an exhibition of photographic images and a cornerstone special plastic art exhibition fee includes craft and sculpture , pointing to the « Cultural Salon » in the pavilion will include a variety of vertebrae , while the pavilion will host a number of Theater-goers Saudi to talk.

He indicated that the pavilion provided the cornerstone for children which can until the age of 12 highlighting what assets they have talents and culture through cultural workshops suitable for their age.

The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair is one of the most growing book fairs in the world , it enjoys the participation of the major role of the Arab and international publishing , which has participated 1025 publishing house in last year's session , it's expected that the number of exhibitors this year increase to 1050 .. offering an increase of 10% in exhibition space , which is being held at the Abu Dhabi national Exhibition Centre.

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