Cloud services for various companies: reality and expectations

recently large spread use of the term cloud computing, especially as many have become go to cloud services as substitutes for the services available in computers.

Before entering into talking about those services they have to know meaning of "Cloud Computing", where it is known that the term refers to the sources and computer systems available to users through the Internet and is working to provide services computer integrated without compliance with existing resources on the computer-machine in order to make it easier for the user.

"Cloud services" provide to users many of the functions without the need to be met on a personal computer and features this service has many advantages that make many users resort to them, even if some of its services for amount of money , the most prominent features of these services come on the following:

  • Access to services and resources from any computer without the need for the user to carry all information all the time.
  • Data storage and backup services through cloud safer than stored on computers and the possibility of exposure devices to damage or theft. The cloud services are located on servers within the corporate giants and reliable specializes providing these services.
  • Reduce the cost to the users by providing alternatives for different applications on your computer and reduce storage space.
  • Cloud services are not needed for the maintenance and follow-up, this is the responsibility of the service provider company and not the responsibility of the user.
  • Participatory increase in the data between users, so that they can be more than one user to share the same data file or modify a particular file at the same time.
  • Encryption process also provides additional protection for the data if the company had submitted to cloud storage services to shut down servers or put up for sale.

As a simple example on this, let's take Google Docs service, that you have an email account for "Gmail" then you are practically one cloud service users.Because you benefit from the service provided to you free of charge, without heed to the back of this service from thousands of servers and connections and software engineers who make sure that all of this materiel is functioning properly, you can through the service lift any file on the service navigation anywhere else and on any computer-various effortlessly navigate your computerized.

In a world network engineers use the form cloud to simplify and characterization Infrastructure complex, the separation between the infrastructure that may include dozens or hundreds or thousands of servers, routers, and network equipment and software, and between external devices that interact with this infrastructure (cloud), as if a single entity. These external devices may be a computer, phone, or tablet.


All these features and the growing appetite of the users by making companies compete to enter the market cloud services, where indicated firm (IDC) global research to the high number of decision makers specialists to information technology who are working to learn and study in an integrated manner on appropriate cloud computing at its best in their facilities.

Also company specialized in market research and advisory services and special events markets information and communication technology and consumer technology revealed that cloud computing achieved widespread important in the world to a degree the acquisition of interest in the technology industry and the business community, which is likely having accepted large the CEOs of information technology.

Gartner Inc. also predicts that public cloud services market is witnessing in the Middle East and North Africa, strong growth in 2013 revenues to reach U.S. $ 462.3 million representing a growth of 24.5% compared with 2012. Projections also indicated that the growth rate of the public cloud services market in 2012 in the Middle East and North Africa will be 13.4% to $ 371.2 million compared with U.S. $ 110 billion globally.

Matthias Hovistadt, cloud computing expert at the University of Hannover, Germany .. explained through a report published by the University during the beginning of 2011, that if the user has made some folders available to friends and family members, the process of synchronizing data are even among multiple users. And about the advantages of this method Hovistadt says : "You can do post video clips recorded by smartphone or photos summer holidays quickly and easily."

Florian Lippert from Centers Association Consumer Protection Germany believes that along with the company's reputation provided to serve the storage cloud and fame should the user interested in knowing the company's headquarters and sites servers around the world, where he said: should exercise the utmost caution when dealing with companies based in the United States-based ; because these companies have under U.S. law to allow data stored on its servers to U.S. security authorities.

Applications need cloud internet connection where affect dropout online enables you to perform your job, but companies are starting to redressing this matter thanks to some modern technologies such as HTML 5 and JavaScript, where it was possible to build Web applications can work without an Internet connection, then do synchronize when Contact, but we still need more time to develop these applications and technologies larger.

As examples of some of the simple applications among hundreds of thousands of cloud applications and services that provide the user and the most famous include:
  • E-mail services: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail
  • Cloud storage services: Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive
  • Cloud music services: Google Music, Amazon Cloud Player, iTunes / iCloud
  • Cloud applications: Google Docs, Photoshop Express
  • Cloud operating systems: Google Chrome OS, Jolicloud

Despite all these advantages of cloud services for various companies, but that there is a range of defects is not avoided so far the most prominent the following:

  • Companies have under U.S. law to allow data stored on its servers to U.S. security authorities.
  • When the user secure the arrival of the data stored on the Internet by a password not safe and was advised of the need not to use cloud computing services to store confidential information.
  • Large volumes of data such as movies need to take a long time to load on the Internet despite the use of high-speed Internet connections compared to store data on a USB flash units which data is transferred to it in just a few minutes.
  • Available storage space free cloud computing services are usually limited.

Although views on the cloud services is characterized as generally positive, it is not expected surge adoption actual significantly unless maturation level and scope of services and to become service providers are able to deal with the concerns felt by clients on data security and service level agreement-sand aspects of responsibility and accountability.

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