The world's most famous libraries

In this digital era, most people resort to reading books on Internet networks, single click on the reader gets the information it needs without incurring any effort. However, some libraries around the world with the unique designs and warm ambience makes the reader craves contact with books and spend long hours of reading and research. In other words, engineering libraries play an essential role in attracting enthusiasts reading and encourage them to maintain the special relationship that binds the reader to his book.

Central Library in Seattle - Washington at the United Nations

Modern and sophisticated Library, pulls tourists from all over the world, in its first year has had more than two million tourists. It is designed by Dutch architect "Rem Koolhaas" and The American designer "Joshua Ramos." The tour which began in 2006, two years after it opened. This library pursuant a brilliant engineered and a milestone in the design of libraries around the world.

Library attest to the different Art Galleries , signing books and other cultural activities throughout the year. It should be noted that visitors can stop for a coffee or buy gifts.

College Library "Trinity" in Dpelln- Ireland

One of the oldest libraries in Ireland, was founded in 1592 by the Queen, "Elizabeth the First."

Is not impressive from the outside only, but also contains the largest library room in the world known "Long Room" with more than 200,000 of the oldest books.

One of the most famous manuscripts is "The Book of Kells: Turning darkness into the light," which alone attracts more than 500 000 visitors annually.

Library of Alexandria in Egypt

A revival of the ancient Royal Library of Alexandria , the most important library in the Greek world. It was built by "the Great Alexander" before nearly 2,300 years.

This library was born again in 2002, on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, after ten years of design, planning and implementation.

Designed by a team of "Snohetta" office, the winner of an international competition organized by the International Union of Architects, UNESCO and the Egyptian government. The library includes archaeological museums, in addition to the 15 permanent exhibition, including "Alexandria Through the Ages", "calligraphy" and "History of Printing." As characterized by sculptures and alphabet inscriptions that cover and adorn one side of the building

Library of "Stuttgart" City in Germany

One of the most important buildings in the area, along with a museum "Porsche" located close to it. This library is designed by Korean Engineer Yi Aaon-Yong, influenced by "Pantheon" architecture in ancient Rome. The library witnessing on cultural activities such as exhibitions and book signings.

"Musashino" Library

In the "Musashino" University of Arts in Tokyo, the library is known for creative design, especially the vast size , the outer windshields that allows the entry of light and its reflection on the shelves of wood scattered across the library.

the architect "Sue Fujimoto" Took over construction work and succeeded in creating a comfortable angles where easy access to books, volumes and pleasant reading sides where the reader feels the unbridled desire in a this world.

Public Library in "Vancouver"

From the design of the architect, "Moshe Savda" This library contains nearly 9.5 million between reference books, magazines, CDs and DVDs. It's Of the most important Library in Canada, welcomes huge numbers of reading lovers, so provide them with the appropriate atmosphere and important references to ensure the task of kidnapped them for long hours.


it's still a long list of well-known libraries did not mention .. only very simple ones section. Perhaps the tourist visiting these libraries discover a new cultures , sings his journey traveling more than fun and useful.

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