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Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Algeria inaugurates Library Cultural Attaché

the Saudi ambassador to Algeria Dr. Sami bin Abdullah Saleh has Opened the Library Cultural Attaché, Embassy of Kingdom in the Algerian capital, attended by heads offices , employees of the embassy , cultural Attaché officials , a number of intellectuals men of thought and literature, and academics Algerians.

Ambassador prepared the library as a way station of effort the cultural efforts of the Embassy of the Kingdom and a step in the area of ​​support for cultural cooperation between the two countries and a connecting link between them, emphasizing the determination of the embassy to enrich the library in various kinds of books, scientific, cultural, literary and historical in order to become a center of scientific and cultural reflects the keenness of the Embassy's service culture including helping to achieve the integration of knowledge between the Republic of Algeria and Saudi Arabia.

He praised the achievements of cultural to the Kingdom within and outside the country, stressin…

Libraries of Jordan develop a current year plan

The Association of Library and Information of Jordan headed by President of the Assembly Dr. Nedal Ayasrah press conference in which he reviewed the achievements of the association since its founding in 1963.

Dr. Ayasrah said : «Society contributed in many of the activities office and paid the Assembly since its founding institutions to encourage the establishment of libraries in all parts of the country».

He explained that the Assembly has held many courses office specialized in library science and information locally, regionally and held many conferences and seminars throughout her career that spanned fifty years and participated in many conferences of Arab and international specialized agencies.

Dr. Ayasrah confirmed that the new management will follow in the footsteps of previous administrative bodies and strive to work on the development of the profession of libraries in Jordan. It hopes the new management to get the necessary support for this cultural association of public and priv…

Gaza Group drop off World Bank mission to ​​an inspection tour of the library development project

A group of Gaza for Culture and Development Friendly World Bank mission in tour school "Amna Bent Wahb" Girls Directorate of Rafah education so as to inform on the mechanism of implementation of the libraries in public schools in the Gaza Strip, with funding from the NGO Development Center - French Development Agency.

The mission was accompanied by Khaled Hassouna, Executive Director of the Assembly and Alaa Algalayna Director, Center for NGO Development NDC - Gaza, in addition to the engineer Munther Abdel Hadi Director of Programs Development Centre, and were met by the school administration and students and a number of lectureship and parents.

the World Bank mission Heard to explain the integrated implementation of the project based on stages that have been implemented so far and the remaining stages and expected to be completed during the current year, and briefed them on the library is equipped with equipment to suit the modern libraries.

The mission met with a group of st…

Prince Sultan bin Salman launches site library of images and movies Saudi Travellers

Inaugurated in Riyadh, Prince Sultan bin Salman, head of the General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities events within the Travel and Tourism Investment Market 2012 Saudi website for the library pictures and movies Saudi Travellers

the assistant vice president for marketing of the General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities Hamad Al Sheikh prepared library portal .. the first of its kind in the region, which is built by photographers and filmmakers, tourism, and contains the photographic material in Saudi Arabia, and reflect the different areas, as well as scenes of tourism and heritage Arabia, useful to Library embodies the vision of the RTA as to stimulate tourism, in order to effectuate its mission in the development of the tourism industry.

He pointed out that the library targeting photographers and filmmakers to showcase their work related to tourism, culture and heritage in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and participate in building the content and promotion of the image attracti…

Loop around the corner of U.S. university libraries in the Sultanate of Oman

The Embassy of the United States in Muscat workshop on the corner of the American custom in the libraries of colleges and universities in the Sultanate, where comes this episode as a kind of partnership between the U.S. Embassy with universities and colleges in the Sultanate

the corner Project began since 2004 and is currently available in the libraries of the University of Sohar and the Faculty of Applied Science Rustaq and Modern College of Science and Higher College of Technology in Muscat and the University of Buraimi, where the corner is the center of the sources of information provides a collection of books and dictionaries on the information from the United States of America, in areas scientific, economic, and recognize which students to American universities in all specialties, and the system of instruction, designed through the embassy to enrich the Omani students to receive knowledge in various fields of science and the development of their knowledge and this kind of cooperat…

"Arab spring revolutions" in the Library of Alexandria

"Arab spring revolutions" exhibition organized by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina management consultants, in collaboration with the Association of Artists of the Revolution, and in the period from 8 to 18 April.

The advisor said the Library Director Dr. Salah Suleiman that the exhibition will feature about 15 artist and ten photographic artists from Egypt, Syria and Libya.

He stressed that all the paintings inspired by the spirit of the Arab revolutions.

He pointed out that Egypt participating artists paintings and photographic art tells the story of Tahrir Square since January 25, 2011 and until the announcement to step down on February 11, 2011, pointing out that he will show some short documentary films about the revolution.

Digitization of Arabic manuscripts in the Library of Florence, Italy

Start of the National Library in Florence, the central process of digitization technologies for digital Arabic manuscripts preserved in the 139 coffers, which date back to different groups.

The initiative, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year, under the project Euro-Mediterranean (Manomid) devoted to manuscripts Mediterranean, where the European Union participated in the launch of this project within the Euromed Heritage IV seeking to preserve the cultural heritage of European and Mediterranean Representative in manuscripts in many languages ​​held by the libraries of the Mediterranean countries.

Library and Manuscripts dating back to the period between the 13 centuries and 19, while its assets vary between different regions, from Turkey, Morocco and Cairo to Florence and Rome, and copied the manuscript at least 2 of this treasure in Baghdad or areas of Balantidium.

Qallaf: study asked the Department of Library and Information Science major discipline

Confirmed the Head of Library Science and Information Technology at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Dr. Charlene Qallaf, that the department is considering the planning department to put library and information science major discipline in the future.

It showed Qallaf that this needs to Study the job market needs at first to identify the required numbers and employment opportunities for graduates, noting that this trend is part of the strategic plan which is working on preparing the department and include the next five years, including with it the development of academic programs, scientific research and computer labs.

she pointed out that the department is currently working on development decisions speciality cushions by adding some courses related to information technology and social networking as well as evaluating newspaper graduated Master made ​​every five years by the arbitrator external coordination with the Faculty of Graduate Studies and in the light of the recommendations of t…

Scientific Forum on "The educational role of librarians and information specialists in the knowledge age", organized by the Public Libraries Department reviews the role of librarians

Was opened by His Excellency the Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage, Dr Hamad bin Abdulaziz Al Kuwari in March 25, Sunday 2012 Scientific Forum on "The educational role of librarians and information specialists in the knowledge age", organized by Public Libraries - QNL.

For his part, Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage in a speech to the Forum is part of the cultural tasks undertaken by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, which is implemented through its various departments.

He added that the selection of management of public libraries to the subject of this forum and invite librarians and information specialists to participate in it, due to the general direction of the Ministry of Culture to raise the cultural level and professional staff in the institutions of the information in the state and especially the libraries, this comes within the general framework of the policy of the State of Qatar to invest in human capital, which is the prime mover in the developm…

The launch of the digital library at the American University to preserve the cultural treasures of Egypt

American University in Cairo opened recently Section Digital Library Rare Books and Special Collections in order to preserve centuries of Egyptian history and even the Middle East after the last fire of the long Egyptian Academy, which served as a warning as a reminder of the importance of preserving rare books and manuscripts.

The digital department in library of rare books and special collections has to help protect the property of the American University in Cairo, from rare books, historical photographs, manuscripts, architecture, maps, oral history through the creation of digital copies backup of these holdings unique and this section is digital open and available globally.

And will include the old and the middle of the cultural heritage in addition to the contributions of the contemporary university project in the field: Documenting Egypt's Revolution in the twenty-first century.

Caroline Runyon Secretary archive digital collections in a statement Tuesday that Said "before …

Opening of the exhibition Memory of Modern Egypt at the University of Vilnius, Lithuania

Saw Vilnius Lithuania University Library opening of the exhibition "Memory of Modern Egypt .. Egypt was discovered in the 19 centuries and 20", which was organized by the Memory of Modern Egypt BA. The exhibition, which continues until March 31, the first major cultural event Egyptian state of Lithuania.

Opened The exhibition by Mahmoud Ezzat, head of the Memory of Modern Egypt Alexandria Library, and Krevanyh IRNA, Director of the Vilnius University Library.

Participated in the opening of a large number of senior officials in Lithuania; including adviser to the Foreign Ministry for Cultural Affairs, the Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Director of the Department for Africa and the Middle East, Asia, State Department, and Director of the Lithuanian National Library.

The opening was attended also a large number of faculty members, students, and the Egyptian and Arab community in Lithuania, and a number of media.

Mahmoud Ezzat, Director of Special Projects at the BA said, t…

"Masdar Institute," is hosting a workshop on the latest library services

"Masdar Institute of Science and Technology", the academic institution's research postgraduate focused on energy technologies developed and sustainable development, announced today that it hosted the introductory workshop on the professional services advanced by "Wi-BP of library services", which is the relevant section Academic Affairs in the group of Baker End Taylor for publication.

Witnessed the event at the Institute for the source of the presence of approximately 25 officials representing academic and research libraries of universities and colleges across the UAE. Included a workshop to provide an overview of the services provided by the "Wi-BP" for libraries, academic and research, and during which also demos provided by some local libraries that depend on the services, "Wi-BP" in the areas of building groups and their development, and technical services, in order to simplify the conduct of their .

The workshop started with a tour of th…

The Arab Knowledge Report: UAE seeks to provide an integrated model of society

UAE is seeking rapidly to provide the elements of a model society of knowledge integrated structures and social structures, economic and cultural rights, according to the Arab Knowledge Report, "2010 - 2011" launched by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, in cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme, under the title "Setting the younger generation of the knowledge society ".

The report pointed to the achievements of the UAE to achieve excellence in knowledge, the most prominent and remarkable progress in information technology and communications.

The report emphasized the need to exert more efforts to achieve the desired goals, particularly with regard to the preparation of the UAE's young people are engaged actively and positively in the establishment of a knowledge society in the country. According to the data's human development index in 2010, the UAE ranked among countries with very high human development, which occupied the first position…

Mishaal Library hosts 135 thousand E-book

Founded the Deanship of Library Affairs Central Library at the University of Najran in 1428, which consists in its first phase of the two roles the first is dedicated to foreign books and lab of the Internet and a loan of self and security gates, periodicals, digital library and databases, while the allocated second round of the Arabic books and offices of the Dean.

May prefer Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah inaugurated the opening of the library and digital library databases. On the proposal of the Rector and the approval of His Highness has named Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah, the library in appreciation and recognition from the university to the efforts of His Highness continued to support her career.

the Dean and the Library of Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah enjoy unlimited support from the director of university .. the library including approximately 13 thousand Arab and foreign title by 80 thousand volumes in the various scientific disciplines and the latest versions of the role of global …

Library of Alexandria celebrates its first free elections for union employees

Library of Alexandria celebrated yesterday with the first fair union elections , Which is the first gains of the revolution in the library.

After the worker-sat the BA union announced For holding the general assembly and election board's new union in Sunday.

the holding of the general assembly of the time 9 to 11 am. To discuss the agenda and final statement of the current Board of Directors.

It was opened for elections from 11 to 5 pm.

the union stressed that is entitled to all the members joined the union to attend the Assembly and voting & stressed the need to bring National ID card or Carné library to check the personal.

after the closure of the ballot boxes will be counting on the spot in the presence of the candidates ,, Where the result announced at the end of the day.


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Central Library of Qatar Foundation Host a workshop on the skills of digital conversion for members of the World Digital Library

Hosted the Central Library, Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development in cooperation with the World Digital Library (WDL), and the first workshop for members of the World Digital Library belonging to the Arab Regional Group in Doha last week.

The World Digital Library initiative of the Organization of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) led by the U.S. Library of Congress. It is rich in a digital repository of cultural treasures contributed by libraries from all over the world. And support the Central Library, Qatar Foundation World Digital Library in its mission to promote understanding between nations and cultures, and expand the size and diversity of cultural content on the Internet and building capacity in the participating institutions. The World Digital Library Free resources for scientists, educators and the general public, and the content available in seven languages, including Arabic.

The Foundation is the diamet…

Bibliomania or obsession with collecting books,, Is it a sign of madness?

bibliomania symptoms may start from a young age without any observation, and the first signs of the disease begin to feel joy and pleasure when you watch any book

And quickly turn it into a desire to acquire and read any book of any kind ..... The advanced stage of it are characterised by a desire to collect as much of the books just for the assembly, assuming the possibility of making use of them in one day , As well as those who collect newspapers or magazines!! To take advantage of them one day!

bibliomania symptoms :

1 - bibliomanian that burned down his house the first thing that rescued him think of his books.

2 - bibliomanian be at the top of his delight when one attends book fairs, or even heard of its establishment in another city.

3 - bibliomanian man wearing eyeglasses necessarily, headache and a chronic inability to leave a good book at the right time.

4 - bibliomanian does not have a bank account because he can not palm of his hand for any new book, even if the language does no…

Saudi Arabia approves a project for the organization of electronic publishing and blogging

the Ministry of Culture and Information, Saudi Arabia announced that it adopted the regulation of the activity of electronic publishing that has been approved after the addition of this activity to a system of Press and Publication approved by Royal Decree No. M / 32 and the date of 3/9/1421 AH.

The news agency quoted the Saudi spokesman of the Ministry of Culture and Information, Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Hazza, the regulation came in the 20 articles found mechanisms to deal with the activities of electronic publishing of all kinds, including online journals, forums, and blogs.

He added that among the articles of the Regulations describes the material forms of electronic publishing and licensed to its conditions and other electronic forms that can be recorded.

In conclusion, the spokesman of the Ministry of Culture and Information statement that the field is open to any suggestions or amendments to this regulation in accordance with the powers granted to the Minister of Culture and…

Launch the first phase of «electronic encyclopedia of Aeronautics»

Launched the Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation of the General Authority of Civil Aviation electronic encyclopedia of Aeronautics aimed at development and increase awareness and professional education, Launched encyclopedia Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi, Director General of Civil Aviation, in the presence of the staff of the General Authority of Civil Aviation.

The "electronic encyclopedia of Aeronautics," Center for e-learning contains information, documentaries, audio and video educational Private aviation, has been gathered from sources, specialized, and provides electronic library references different to all the staff of the Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation, which serve as a reference of knowledge and an education they have, they can through the acquisition of knowledge .

The aim of the Commission through the launch of the library to increase awareness and education career of their own importance in spreading the culture of self-learning and e-staff.

Library classified into several parts so…

Abu Dhabi Exhibition of the book launch the program on science and knowledge for children

Announced the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2012, organized by the Abu Dhabi Authority for Tourism and Culture, announced the launch of children's program for science and knowledge of events within the corner creativity in the exhibition, and as fall within the strategy aimed at targeting and harnessing the talents of children in the age group between 6 and 12 years, and by providing program meets the essential needs of children including those with special needs.

Will include the corner creativity in session 22 of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, a variety of activities meet all the needs of children, including people with special needs, and organizing workshops of specialized stretch during the show, in addition to providing an interpreter for sign language to ensure maximum utilization of the program, and promote interaction category young people with special needs with these activities and events.

This initiative seeks to support children who suffer with the problems o…

University of Damascus, development of it skills in the search for electronic information

Brought to the workshop «search skills of electronic information» organized by the Directorates of scientific research and the libraries at the University of Damascus light on how to search for electronic information and access to scientific information and research libraries and electronic database and how to promote it among researchers and those interested in scientific research at the university in order to disseminate culture of research and electronic publishing.

The workshop which was attended by about 40 librarians and 20 others representing the people of scientific research university in the framework of a project to improve the capacity and the development of skills of workers in scientific research.

Dr. Mohammed Amer Mardini President of the University that the workshop comes within the framework of creating the infrastructure of the university where the research will be held three workshops in this other context.

Turn, Dr Fathi Ghanameh director of scientific research at the …

Foundations to achieve the texts: an intensive training course

The Institute of Arabic manuscripts in Cairo, an intensive training course titled "Foundations of achieving texts", in the period from April 14 to 19, 2012 at the Institute of Arab Research and Studies - Branch Dokki, Cairo. This course is booted, outlining the process of investigation in the 30 hours of training, including theoretical lectures and "workshops" applied, and lectures in which a group of professors and investigators specialists.

Idea:Left the older generation of investigators, and filled the world heritage (investigator), but an ongoing investigation on a new way, not - certainly - the way those adults, or close to it. If we sought the excuse that the investigators (new) do not have the knowledge, the petition is contained in the splitting process of investigation, a splitting method which should be adhered to by the investigator, and derived by considering the tests first, since this method can rise much investigation to a level not pr…